Scott Pendergraft lives in a beautiful home located on a, long, lazy,winding road with a well shaded sitting area directly across from his driveway.  It provided a perfect staging area for us to live out the gospel in the streets.  As we congregated, we were able to expose the heinous pictures of aborted children on our signs for the community to view.  As we proclaimed the truth about abortion and about the gospel, neighbors of Mr. Pendergraft  stopped by and spoke with us.

Our intent in visiting Dr. Pentagraft’s neighborhood was to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to Mr. Pendergaft’s doorstep.  Upon knocking at the door, hoping to talk to the abortionist,  Dr. Sangeeta Pati answered and claimed that Mr. Pendergraft no longer lived at that address.  Sangeeta and abortionist Pendergraft have a long time relationship.

That was news to her neighbors who shared with Pam and Rick Simpson that he does live at that address.  They said that some days he parks blocks away and rides his motorcycle to the house so people will not know that he is there.  They told the Simpsons that several of the families in the neighborhood had been praying for a solid Christian family to move into that house.  When they found out who moved in, they were extremely distressed.  Pendergraft’s neighbors would like to see him move out of their community and away from their children.

They asked us to come back again this week.  Among other things, they told Rick and Pam about the Hindu shrine in his house and about theone in his back yard.  One neighbor was happy to allow several of us to traverse their back yard affording us the opportunity to take pictures of the elaborate shrine to an  idol in the abortionist’s yard.

Gentle Christians distributed information throughout the area informing the neighbors of Mr. Pendergraft’s presence in their community  The intent of the leaflets was to  ask the neighbors of Mr. Pendergraft  to adopt him in prayer .

We are very encouraged that abortionist Scott Pendergraft is surrounded by Christians who are praying for him to repent and trust in Christ as Lord.