Jo Scott


While Ron Brock’s truth truck circled, dozens of Christians proclaimed the gospel  outside the the Unitarian Universalist Church in Orlando, FL. About a dozen Christians attended the Unitarian church’s religious education class this morning.  It began with the instructor recognizing Rick Simpson as a Christian because he had a Bible in his hand.  He told Rick, I hate people like you,” but allowed him to remain in the class.  An audio recording of a women speaking on “Move to Amend”, an initiative which addresses the question of whether or not a corporation is a person was played for the class.  It was hard to make heads or tails out of it.  I found it interesting that they know that a corporation in not a person but they do not understand that a baby is a person.  They made it very clear to me that the reason they were being picketed was because they are pro – choice and support Planned Parenthood.

I did learn that Van Jones, the former Obama appointee who was asked to step down for his past relationships with radical leftist groups, is a well respected thinker and often a speaker at the Unitarian Churches throughout the United States.  When asked what creed they based their doctrine on, the instructor would not answer.

Any time that a question of any substance was asked one of the women would interrupt the instructor and instruct him to stay on topic.  God was not mentioned in the class.


The church service was even more confusing.  The worship was very ambiguous.  They were told to “worship and learn to make a difference”.  They believed that their main goal on earth is to “connect, appreciate, and celebrate every person.” The minister then called the OSA participants “Haters and Bullies” to a hardy round of cheers and applause.


After the service when asked who or what the Spirit of Love is, the minister answered, “Yes.”  When asked who or what they worshipped she again answered, “Yes”.  She explained that everyone in the Unitarian Church believes in whatever they want to believe in.  One Christian asked, “If everyone can believe whatever they want to believe, however they feel like believing, what cements the church into a whole.  Shehad no answer.  However, she assured us that they were cohesive. Judging from what I saw this morning I’d say that the glue that holds them together is their common hate for God.  They seemed to revel in their sin, call it holy and rejoice in condemning those who call Jesus God.


It was a difficult morning for those experiencing this type of church for the first time.  Tears flowed over the lost souls attending the Unitarian Universalist Church in Orlando this morning.