The media was quick to point a finger of accusation at Cayce Anthony for killing her three year old daughter, Caylee.   However when Rev. Flip Benham and gentle Christians arrived at the jail Sunday morning to connect the dots from Caylee’s murder to the murder of 50 million unborn children in the womb, the hypocrisy of that same media was stunning.   At least 2 dozen satellite dish trucks were present in the parking lot of the jail and not one reporter bothered to ask a question about the correlation between Caylee’s death and the 50+ million children that have been murdered in America since 1973. It’s easy to blame Cayce for the horrendous crime she committed; it’s politically correct to be outraged at a woman that has killed her three year old child.

With righteous indignation the media published all of the disgusting details of how Caylee’s body looked when she was found.  But they would not give one minute of media time to the four thousand children murdered in this country every day. Maybe it’s because they would have had to turn the finger of accusation towards themselves and the rest of the country, but they are not willing to do that.

On the grass just off the sidewalk outside the jail, OSA assembled in a circle holding posters of aborted children and little Caylee Anthony.  Rev. Benham told the solemn observers, “When there is bloodshed in the womb, it follows that there will be bloodshed in the streets.  And that is exactly what we see in precious Caylee’s case.”

A shofar pierced the silence and a procession of young men carried Baby Choice, (a child murdered by abortion) into the center of the circle, placed her on the table set for her, and opened the casket. Deep sadness gripped the mourners as they paid their respects to Baby Choice and little Caylee.