Here is a ten minute video chronicling the arrest of Pastor Mark and Chet in Jackson this past May.  I remind you that, to the very liberal and very wealthy folks living in Jackson, the preaching of the whole Gospel of Christ is anathema.  They hate anything that appears “judgmental” or “intolerant.”  Yes, they hate the truth because the truth is “judgmental” and “intolerant” of evil.  Truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

The opposite of “tolerance” is not “intolerance,” it is Biblical love.  “Tolerance” will simply sit back and watch people flail and die in their sin.  Biblical love demands we get involved, speak the truth, and lift lost sinners out of a pit from which they cannot extricate themselves.  Pastor Mark and Chet were arrested because they were expressing God’s love to the people of the city of Jackson.  Enjoy! ~ Flip

Arrest via YouTube