Mark and Lisa Metzger bring their family (9 children) out to the to the gates of hell every Friday and Saturday as often as they can.  They are joined by another home school family Robbie and Jeanette Wilson (6 children).  The miracles God has wrought through their presence at the abortion mills here in Charlotte has been astounding.  Here is one little miracle for your encouragement.  Enjoy! ~ Flip

This is Damir Mason (left) and his mother Jennifer (rith with Lisa), at their baby shower! Damir means “to give peace” and Mason means “works with stone”. God worked with an apparent heart of stone, which was set on aborting the child within, knitting together the hearts of Damir and Jennifer! God also gave Jennifer PEACE in her decision to choose life! How beautiful! Jennifer’s story of LIFE is below.

A young woman from Hemingway, SC came to abort a child thought to be 8 weeks. After choosing life, she found out that her baby was actually 16 weeks. If she had gone through with the abortion at Latrobe she could have experienced horrible complications since they were unwilling to verify the baby’s age via ultrasound and would have either given her pills to induce abortion or performed surgery on a baby who was much farther along than they had thought. While inside of the mill, she had asked to speak to someone about the abortion procedure, but was told that she could not talk to a doctor, nurse or even a counselor about the procedure. Instead, the front desk personnel described the “painless and quick” procedure of abortion using a highlighter and pencil! There have been two ambulances since February, seen at this facility. Please pray that the truth about the physical danger of abortion is made known to these women.

A text received from Miss Jennifer, who chose life for her son: “I saw you 3 days ago. I was going to give my baby up and I’m happy I didn’t do it. I want you and the people that you were with to know that it meant the whole world to me to know that you all care about me, not even knowing me…[if it weren’t] for you I would have done a really bad thing.”