This just in from Rusty.  Our new year is beginning before the old one ends.  In our concerted effort to “…plead the case of the fatherless to win it.”  Jeremiah 5: 28, and to bring abortion to an end in our nation; Operation – First Abortion Free State has been joined by some amazing friends.  Here is just a taste of those willing to help.  ~ Flip


Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn,

 As promised, this is Michael Marcavages report on his efforts in Mississippi. Michael heads up the States of Refuge intelligence apsects concerning the waste management companies that service the death camps in the five states that have one abortion mill remaining defiling our land. As you will see, the Lord blessed his efforts in Mississippi.

Also, the Lord also gave us favor with American Family Association and their radio divsion, AFR radio. They have agreed to run our States of Refuge spot for the entire month of January across their vast nationwide network. The following is their communication to us. Please continue to pray as the vision and mission spreads.


We will be glad to run your PSA’s for the SOHL month emphasis here at AFR. We will be glad to do what we can do. We actually have stations in all five states included in the project, so hopefully, we can make a difference.

God bless you in your efforts and may we one day end the scourge of the killing of the innocent unborn!

For the Master,

Dr. Buster Wilson

General Manager, AFR


Abortion Collaboration Investigated in Mississippi

The Campaign to Stop Stericycle (CSS), a project of Repent America, traveled to Mississippi earlier this month to hurl a stone at the Goliath of the abortion holocaust.

In conjunction with States of Refuge, which is working to establish the first abortion-free states in America, the ministry visited Jackson, Mississippi to gather information regarding the last abortion facility in the state. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is being serviced by Stericycle, the nation’s leading medical waste company, which assists with the disposal of their abortion “waste.” Click here to view photographic evidence gathered during the investigation, and here to view a video of Stericycle’s collection stop.

Because of the ministry’s efforts, one of the companies that has been maintaining the truck being used by Stericycle has stated that it will no longer do so, and a second company, which has been leasing the vehicle to the medical waste giant, is now considering prohibiting them from using it to service the abortion facility. Additionally, after uncovering potential permit violations, the ministry contacted the Mississippi Department of Environmental Conservation, which has agreed to investigate the matter. Please pray that the work of CSS will continue to be successful and that abortion will come to a swift end in the state.

“Open thy mouth for the [voiceless] in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.” – Proverbs 31:8