This is an incredible story.  Brothers and sisters the battle is on, and men of good faith are being dragged off to jail because of their witness for King Jesus.  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a fool, “The fool says in his heart, ‘There is no God…’”  Psalm 14:1, and is doing all in his power to silence the Gospel of Christ.  This must not stand!

Be courageous!  Be ready to do good!   ~ Flip


A remarkable story is unfolding in New York City. 

Churches that have been meeting in schools there will have to find new places of worship by Feb. 12, when a new law banning the churches from public school facilities goes into effect.  The new ban will affect about 150 churches.

So when Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave his State of the City Address on Thursday, more than 200 pastors and lay people gathered outside the Bronx school where he gave the speech to pray.  Police arrested 43 of the praying protesters.

WORLD’s Tiffany Owens is in New York and covered the prayer rally and the arrests.  To read her exclusive report, click here.

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Warren Cole Smith

Associate Publisher

WORLD Magazine