Friends, Greetings in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus our only God and King!
I have included a PowerPoint slide with information to send to your church today. If your church does not use PowerPoint for announcements the invite can still be read from the pulpit.
Remember, Word in warfare is more than a “Bible Reading Marathon”, or a simple little group read-a-long. It is 77 hours of non-stop spiritual warfare, praying the Word of God from beginning to end, aloud, in public and inviting everyone and anyone to do so. Intercessors and others can read one chapter and listen while others do the same in one group whether for a few minutes or taking a 2 hour shift day or night; doing it powerfully in the Spirit in front of Mississippi’s one remaining killing center in Jackson.
I will be arriving in Jackson, MS Sunday morning, April 1st and would ask you to join me Sunday afternoon at 4 PM at the Wesley Biblical Seminary to to kick off the Operation Save America year long 5 state campaign called the States of Refuge…targeting the 5 states in America with only one abortion mill.
If you are coming to Jackson and have housing needs please notify me immediately as hospitality is still available on a first come first served basis. No single hotel has been contracted for this event though several reasonable hotels are available.
Here is the invitation to present to your church via a Powerpoint slide:
(702) 343-4725