Ken and Jo Scott have been given a platform few of us will ever have.  Their case is a Civil Lawsuit brought against them by St. John’s Episcopal Church to force gentle Christians to stop proclaiming the Gospel of Christ on a public sidewalk outside of the Church.  150+ law students and their professors will attend.  The hearing will take place at the Denver University Law School.

Pray for Ken and Jo and pray that the Name of Jesus will be lifted high. ~ Flip

 Hello All,

A panel of three Appeal’s Court Judges at the D.U. Law School will hear Oral Arguments in favor of free speech on the public sidewalk in front of St. John’s Episcopal church on Wednesday April 4th at 3:30 PM. Attorney Rebecca Messal will argue for Clif and I.  She just won the FACE Case for us.  150 + afternoon Law students and their professors will also attend .  D. U. provides their law students an opportunity like this twice a year. Our case is their class project.  St. John’s is suing us under the Nuisance and Conspiracy to Commit Nuisance laws. They challenge the right to protest on a public sidewalk.  St. John’s ordained a woman priest that is on the Board of Planned Parenthood and they support abortion and homosexuality.  We were consistently able to get  visitors to leave and members to quit the church. There are several Judges that are members there. They were not happy with us, so the Episcopal Church initiated a Civil Lawsuit and got an Injunction against us that has kept us away for several years.

If you attend the Oral Arguments, there will be reserved seating for the guests of Ken Scott and Clifton Powell, please arrive before 3:30 p.m. for seating. Our lawyers ask that all attending dress in their Sunday best.  No tee shirts.  I’m doing what they are asking.  The Thomas More Society out of Chicago is footing the bill and their number one Attorney Thomas Brejcha will be attending, to Assist Rebecca Messall and Monica Flanigan of Hackstaff Law Group in Denver.

If you can’t attended, please pray for them to be anointed to speak to the Colorado Appeal Court Judges to see the truth.

Thanks again and God Bless!!! 

Ken and Jo, and Clifton Powell