When petitioning in Mississippi for Personhood, we had the privilege to meet the new Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant. We talked briefly about Personhood and would he as Governor back Personhood to make Mississippi the first abortion free state. He responded, “Not only would I sign it into law, I would defend it.” As you will see in this article, this Governor is still committed “to make Mississippi abortion-free.”

If the Lord uses this bill to shut down the last remaining death camp, this would fufill part of the goal of the States of Refuge campaign, the first abortion free state in America. (One down and four more states to go) This would free up more resources to concentrate on the remaining four states that have one death camp defiling our land. Let us pray, soon and very soon, we will hear the joyful report that Mississippi has freed herself from the sin and crime of child sacrifice and blood guilt in Jesus’ name! ~ Rusty