Please do read this short article from Brother Butch.  He takes on several crucial issues in some very short strokes of the pen.

Enjoy! ~ Flip

Hi Dianne,

I do appreciate your sending the article on to me from  Rev. Hagee.  However, his position is classic of the great majority of Pastors. (AND, it reveals the REASON that abortion has prevailed in our Nation!)  Bro. Hagee is “blaming the President/politicians” and calling for (yet another) “40 days of prayer”. This merely strokes our religious consciences and keeps us deceived is thinking we’ve done something. IF he had called for 40 days of every bible-believing Christian to simply surround every abortion clinic in America, abortion on demand would cease to exist! (Faith w/o WORKS is dead!)

By the way, Bro. Hagee does not believe that Jews need to be saved through Jesus. He does not permit ANY of his people who visit Israel to witness to Jewish people that Jesus, the Messiah, is their ONLY hope of salvation. This is NOT gossip. I confirmed this in person.  Repentance without corresponding action does nothing. Just lip service.

We are in trouble because we admit that abortion IS murder, but then merely “pray” for things to get better. As a Church, we do not take the ACTIONS required to PROVE we really believe abortion is murder.

No matter…..God told me many years ago that “I will stop abortion (if the Church fails to do it) by desolating your land!” 1976

He is keeping His threat.

Alas, I do not see the Lord’s people connecting the dots in time. Perhaps AFTER we find ourselves sitting on the ash heap of America’s ruin? I hope this is not our destiny as a Nation!

I know this is not encouraging or edifying….but it is the truth.

God intends to chasten us with four more years of  Mr. Obama. Those who claim that God showed them that his heart would soften are DECEIVED. They WANT to allow this deception….to enable them to vote for this man who openly champions causes that God abhors.

And, it will be a very brutal four years. Professing Christians by the tens of millions will once again dash to the polls to vote for an arrogant, unapologetically pro-gay and pro-abortion president.

“My people love to have it so!”

Get ready for the dirty politics of Romney getting hammered as a “Mormon”, who’s doctrine believes that blacks are cursed by God and that Jesus and Satan are “brothers”….and that God was once a man, like us, who ascended to Godhood….and that we too can become like God, and save our own world like Jesus did.  It gets bizarre!

I will promise you that NEITHER of these men will get my vote.  Hope I haven’t discouraged you. I want to arm you with Truth!

I DO believe that great revival is coming….but that the majority of the religious Church will reject it. However, there WILL be a great in-gathering, despite the political persecution and destructive weather and economic instability.

Keep your eyes on Jesus!