Missionaries to the Preborn came out to the gates of hell in Fargo, North Dakota, following our guys who did Word and Warfare the week before.  All hell broke loose and all heaven came down as the theology of heaven became biography in the streets of Fargo.  Below are some news stories that will encourage your heart.

Enjoy! ~ Flip

I had the privilege to meet up with the Missionaries to the Preborn and do a little street preaching with them before the flight back home yesterday. Their phase of the States of Refuge campaign has rocked Fargo ND’s world. The news coverage is just what happened on the streets. It does not cover what happened at the abortion mill today. About 25-30 deathscorts came out to defend the place of death. Cops were everywhere. After all, it is a crime scene. The saints lined the streets to expose the hidden works of darkness. They preached, prayed, praised, and confronted the merchants of death with the truth and love of Christ.

It is so exciting to see the States of Refuge take off in earnest. The wave after wave affect is in full swing. Keep praying, participating, and supporting this vision and mission as we trust God for the first abortion free states in America. The following brief message and links to the news coverage is from Pastor Matt Terwhella.

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas 

Missionaries to the Preborn

May 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends of the Preborn,

All praise and honor be unto our Savior and King, Jesus Christ!

Here is some of the press coverage from our team’s efforts yesterday. We thank the Lord when we get news coverage because it takes our efforts beyond the streets we stand on and into thousands of homes! Much of this coverage was picked up by other news agencies and broadcast in other parts of North Dakota besides Fargo where they were.

The team is spending a second day in Fargo today. This morning they are outside the deathcamp itself. [As a sidenote: Jason Storms charges from Monday in Sioux Falls is NOT a ticket but a state misdemeanor – please keep that situation in prayer.]

News coverage links: