In this short little video you will see abortionist Scott Hyee doing an interview with one our favorite sidewalk counselors in Orlando, Florida, John Barros.  John has been a faithful (everyday) counselor at Orange Women’s Center (OWC) for several years.  God privileged him to be the first to hear that Scott Hyee was going to stop doing abortions on June second of this year. 

We brought the Gospel of Christ to Scott at his home and his neighborhood during our National Event in Orlando last year.  Please keep him in your prayers that he will come all the way home to Jesus.  Notice, Scott Hyee is smiling from ear to ear.    ~ Flip


Last year, Operation Save America held our national event in Orlando, FL. God did exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we could ask or think. His miracles continue. We just found out that one of the abortionist has decided to quit the child-killing business and devote his healing skills to a family practice.

First, all praise, glory and honor to our great God and King, Jesus Christ! Second, congratulations to the saints in Orlando who prayed and stood in the gap for this man. God has honored your faith and righteous acts. Third, this man’s decision to stop murdering God’s babies drives home once again, how the church wins this battle against the forces of darkness destroying our nation.

We show up at the gates of hell and have church. We pray, praise, and proclaim God’s word. The church captures the strongholds of Moloch and Baal and our Lord breaks these strongholds and sets the captive free. We have seen this over and over again throughout the years in cities throughout America. It may not be immediate, but you can mark it down. God’s victory is coming! Here is just another example of this wonderful truth. Come on Church! Let us end child-killing in America!

Here is the link again to Scott Hye’s announcement.