We began the day with witness on the road in front of the high school. Although there were a few people who took literature and a very few tentative waves the reception was pretty icy.  Many of the people driving by wore the “united” t-shirts with the slogan Civility, compassion, love or displayed the signs with the same slogan but they were far from civil.  A card they carried listed a number of “don’ts” including anger and even offered a help line if you could not control that anger.  It is interesting that those who do not know Jesus cannot control their anger nor forgive.

The next venue was the public sidewalk in front of the strip mall where Dr. Blue kills babies in the only killing center in Wyoming.  We brought signs, praise, preaching and the  Word of God right to the gates of hell to petition the Lord to have mercy on both Wyoming and our nation and stop the shedding of innocent blood in the streets of America.  Our nation is in grave danger.  Blood flows in our streets, our economy is bleeding to death and our children are being murdered in abortion clinics in every state of the union because we have forgotten His law.

  “my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge,  I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the law  of your God, I also will ignore your children.”  Hosea 4:6

We began Word in Warfare and started to read the entire Bible through at the very gates of hell for six hours. Our group ended the day’s reading in Joshua 20, the Cities of refuge!  Perhaps the Lord will have mercy on us and Wyoming will become the first State of Refuge – the first abortion free state. 

The “united” planned to divert traffic from us with detour sign to avoid the protestors but most just passed through because of curiosity.  

There were many opportunities to witness and the police were remarkably professional.  Jeremy & Felice who were so faithful to stand after we left Jackson Hole last year prepared the way for us.  Even though Felice lost her brother in a tragic fire the night before we arrived they were servants to all.  What a great example of the true Christianity!

There is a tremendous oppressive spirit over the city and it is so dark and heavy we could feel it.  It was so obvious that we war not with flesh and blood but with the powers and principalities who rule over this city.