Here is Miss Pat’s report about her Chick-Fil-A in Palm Bay, Florida.  Here in Charlotte it was just incredible.  Thousands upon thousands of folks filled the several Chick-Fil-A restaurants in this area.  Wendy’s put up on their Marquis:  “Eat at Chick-Fil-A Today.”  I have never seen people so happy and so polite in a very crowded restaurant where tempers sometimes can flare.  The sense of unity.  The true pride of being an American.  The Joy of being a member of the body of Christ. The charge that we, as Christians, have a battle to fight in our generation.  The cheers in the Chick-Fil-A restaurants and the songs sung on their premises all pointed to the supreme fact that Jesus Christ is still LORD in America.

As the Chick-Fil-A cows began to shout out the truth from the rooftops of Chick-Fil-A restaurants on August 1, 2012, God’s people began to move!

Oh my friends, Aslan is on the move indeed!

Enjoy! ~ Flip


I went to the Chick Fil- a in front of the Walmart in West Melbourne Florida ( near Palm Bay ) about 2 Pm this afternoon to avoid the noon rush – there was no avoiding! The parking lot was full ( people parked in Walmart and walked over). – the drive through wound around the building and the line inside snaked around from the play area to the restrooms then back past the seating to the counters – They had about 10 workers when they usually have 3 and it was still hectic – but it was all cheerful in the lines.  No one was impatient and we were chatting about why we were here and what we had seen.  One man said his wife had come at breakfast time and that it was packed then – there were 2 protestors with signs but they stayed only a short time and then left.

The amazing thing was the diversity of people there.  Uniformed Palm Bay police, firemen, workers from other restaurants , an owner and family of a BBQ restaurant in town wearing their t-shirts.  Everyone came out in support.  One of the staff told my neighbor when he delivered a milk shake that was not ready with our order that they had already had several $2500 (sales) hours and that the crowds were getting thicker not thinner.  

A young girl who impatiently pushed into the line asked me what was going on. When I explained she relaxed immediately and all anger disappeared.  She said she had not heard but that she was so glad she came. J

Miss Pat