Here is the front page article in the local section of the the Charlotte Observer, September 1, 2012.  Jamiel Abdur-Rahman, from Virginia said that our presence at “Jumah Prayer at the DNC” was “insulting.”  “You never see a Muslim at a Christian gathering trying to insult people,” he said, “You never see us do anything like that.”  No, we just see you crash airplanes into our buildings and kill everyone in sight.  And when you attend Christian churches around the world, you blow-up everybody in the church including yourselves.  There is a difference between speech and murder – No?

Islam is a monstrous, murderous, intractable lie birthed in the very deepest pit of hell.  It twists men, made in the image of God, into perverted monsters whose very countenances reveal demonization.  Hatred is Islam’s drug of choice!  Hatred toward Israel, hatred toward Christianity, hatred toward America, prevents all enslaved by the lie of Islam from the introspection necessary to realize that the only hope to be saved from their pathetic sinful state is in the One God sent – Jesus.

Let the redeemed of the Lord, say so!      ~ Flip