This is a classic example of being very effective representing King Jesus in the streets of one’s city and storming the gates of hell (local abortion mills) giving abortion minded moms a real choice.  So many babies have been saved as a result of the work of these two very courageous moms.  Here is the devil’s back-handed attempt to intimidate them off of “his” streets.  It will never happen!

By the way, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof…”  Psalm 24:1.  The streets of our cities belong to God – not the devil!  Though he may counterclaim them in all of his malevolent usurpations – the devil’s tiny little gates cannot prevail against the mighty Church of Jesus Christ.  Marilyn Carroll and Michelle Wolven brilliantly represent this truth as they allow the theology of the church house to become biography in the streets of their cities.

You see, I know these two ladies as do most of you.  They are not like the politicians of our day.  They have found a cause and a Savior for which they are willing to suffer – they do it every day outside the abortion mills.  So many mothers in crisis pregnancy situations have given their hearts to Christ and chosen life for their babies.  So many clinic workers and security guards have given their hearts to Christ and found other employment.  God has used them powerfully as they have sacrificed to give moms a real choice at the abortion mill door. 

Yep!  You can expect the devil to hate every word they speak and the God they so lovingly serve.    

Enjoy this report from the very pit of hell from a group called “Voice for Choice.”    ~ Flip