Little Jonah Lee, almost two years old, is going through his second heart surgery today, March 26, 2013.  Please pray for him, mom and dad, and his brothers and sisters.  Little Jonah has won all of our hearts just because of who he is and how God made him.

Post Surgery Update: 

Jonah’s surgeon Dr Peeler just stopped by and said everything went as well as it could have…repaired valve using his own tissue with just the very minor leak that we anticipated.  The anticipation of this moment brought tears of joy!  I had to catch by breath before calling Joyce or else I would have been bawling and she would have assumed the worst, I couldn’t even say bye to the doctor and his assistant who stopped by.    Thank you Jesus!

He is in recovery now and I should be able to go up and see him in the next hour!

Pray without ceasing in Jesus marvelous Name! ~ Flip