April 6th, 2013, Saturday 11 AM 

Garywood Assembly of God

2730 Allison Bonnet Memorial Drive

Hueytown, Alabama 35023

Dave Lackey in rocking chair

Make your plans to come and celebrate a life well lived for JESUS! 

Denise Lackey requests you wear your red OSA shirts like Dave always did.

If you need a hotel:Comfort Inn

5051 Academy Lane

Bessemeer, AL 35022


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  1. Denise Holland says:

    Greetings, Denise,
    My John and I were with OSA in Las Vegas in 2009. We did not know that Jesus would unexpectedly and
    instantly “Graduate John to Glory” shortly after we returned on August 4, 2009. I KNOW Jesus will carry you tenderly today as you give praise to our LORD for the years you and David shared. It is not an easy journey, this “Valley of the Shadow,” but you and I KNOW we shall see our “beloveds” again, and we KNOW they are enjoying the Presence of our KING.
    I just got up, and the LORD gave such an impression to go to OSA’s website. I just returned from seeing my 92 year old father in AZ. John and I had gone to see him after OSA in 2009 because we did not believe my dad was going to live. Now I know why Jesus had me check the website.
    You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts today, Denise. I know you will be surrounded with so many, and in the weeks and months to come, Denise, Jesus is your Protector, Provider, and your “Husband.” It is not easy–with Jesus, we can and DO continue what He gives us to do. My John loved to sing in the choir; now our husbands are enjoying ALL the music Revelation 5 describes, and all the beauty our eyes have “not seen” nor
    ears “heard” here on earth for your David is beholding KING Jesus in His Glory!
    David and you shared such blessings and marriage here, Denise. Jesus showed such tenderness and love for His Apostles and followers after His resurrection–you will sense and see “love notes” Jesus designs just for you as you “walk” this new journey. Look for them, Denise.
    Your tender care for your David, Denise, and your ability to now minister to others with new “platform” of experience will be offerings of love to our LORD. With love, Denise Holland

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