Hallelujah!  Thank You Jesus!  Here is a report from Jeannie Raddell, wife of Tom Raddell and mother of seven, describing the wonderful news that the gates of hell cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ.  Tom, Jeannie, and the wonderful saints in Cleveland, Ohio, have been faithful for over twenty years to give moms a real choice at the abortion mills on Shaker Blvd.  Today there is only one abortion mill left on that dastardly boulevard.  ~ Flip

The deadliest street in Ohio just got a little safer for unborn children.  Center for Women’s Health in the Shaker Medical Building has closed its doors, praise Jesus!  A one block area on Shaker Blvd. has had a long history of child sacrifice, housing seven different abortion clinics over the years.  But now the abortion clinic run by Martin Rudock has closed up shop.  We thank Jesus and give Him all the glory!  Many faithful witnesses have stood and prayed on these sidewalks in all kinds of weather on behalf of the babies.

Shaker Boulevard has one remaining abortion clinic, the largest in Ohio, Preterm.  The gates of hell will not prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ.  May we continue to run to the battle for our brothers and sisters in the womb in His powerful name.