Here is a picture of Shawanda and Michelle Stewart at our national Event in Rochester, and the accompanying story.   Pray!




Please pray for Shawanda Corbett. Jeannie and I have gotten to know her and helped her settle in at the college at Rochester Institute of Technology.

She is facing an enormous battle.


Michelle Stewart asked me to forward this prayer request to the OSA family.  Lets show true love for this young woman by lifting her up to our heavenly Father.  ~B

Our friend Shawanda Corbett from Rochester, who we met at the intersection of Church and State street, is in need of prayer right now.  Some folks might remember her as she came to service with us after coming to The Lord on the street.  She was born without legs and without one arm.  The pictures of abortion really struck her.  She said her parents who already had many children, admitted that if they had known she would be born with birth defects would have aborted her.

Praise The Lord she is living for the King now!  She is involved in ministry on campus at RIT, keeps up with me, and gets together with Mike and Jeannie from Rescue Rochester.  She is an amazing woman who miraculously does ceramics with incredible skill, and with one hand at that!

She is going through some serious health problems at the moment, and while I won’t go into detail for her privacy’s sake, she needs prayer for discernment and faith.  Fear of the unknown is a big battle in the next stage of her treatment.

I am privileged to know her, as she keeps my spiritual walk in check.

Sometimes my problems seem big, but then I talk to this amazing woman who is beating so many odds every day when she gets up and gets going.

Pray for protection from fear, provision for medical expenses, equipment, and treatment, and for peace while she undergoes scary and possibly painful procedures.  Pray that the doctors will treat her as the miracle she already is, and that compassionate nurses cross her path.  Pray also that she can minister to others going through this particular disease as well.

Be encouraged family!  Shawanda is fruit of our OSA labors, and I am so excited that she not only is going to Heaven with us, but she is helping us advance the Kingdom through her unique ministry!

Here we are in Rochester at one of the services.