States of Refuge Regional Event: St Louis, Missouri

Wednesday, July 17, 2015

Saints from as far away as Nevada, Washington, Connecticut, Colorado, and Texas arrived to protect the preborn at St Louis, Missouri’s last remaining abortion clinic. The States of Refuge regional event was well attended. Many brought homeschooling children and grandchildren with them. Pastor and author Matt Trewhella delivered a sermon against pietism during the opening rally. He warned of using prayer and other spiritual virtues as a cop out to disobey God’s clear commands.

Coach Dave preceded him with a rousing speech on the need for Christians to follow prayers with action. He challenged the audience by asking if prayer alone is all that God required, why didn’t Jesus end His ministry at the Garden of Gethsemane. Why did Jesus feed the 5,000, rather than pray for their provision. Why did Jesus heal the sick, rather than pray for healing? New Life Drama Company performed a skit entitled, “The Gift,” which revealed the rejection of children (God’s gifts to us) and the sin of abortion.

Thursday, July 17, 2015

The slogan for the city is “St. Lou is all within reach,” with a picture of the Gateway Arch bridging the “St. Lou” with “is.” In keeping with the slogan, brought the Gospel “within reach” of the people of St. Louis Missouri.

If you know anything of OSA, you know OSA’s about preaching the Gospel and saving preborn babies. OSA is simply the church in action, loving the lost and rescuing those unjustly sentenced to death.

Reaching the Lost at Planned Parenthood

Day two of the “States of Refuge campaign” brought the love of Christ to Planned Parenthood at Forest Park Ave. Led by Coach Dave D. and Pastor Dale S., fifty OSA members interceded for the lives of their preborn neighbors. While some members began Word in Warfare, others surrounded the clinic in prayer. The preacher boys ministered on the sound system and held signs exposing the sin of abortion.

Frank C. met a young woman with blue hair and piercings coming out of the clinic. “Venom was coming out of her mouth” but as he spoke the truth, her demeanor softened.

The presence of the Lord touched a person walking by the clinic. Cassia W. noticed a troubled man pacing the sidewalk. After a moment, he stopped in the middle of the driveway. It was as if he was in a daze. Cassia called over her brother Elijah T. to minister to him. As Elijah moved him from the driveway, he asked, “What can we pray for?” The man replied, “I want it all.” As Elijah prayed, Frank approached. Moved by the Spirit, Frank placed his hands in the middle of the man’s chest and prayed. There was an impartation!

Reaching the Government

Pastor Ante P. led a team (which included three faithful members of Ante’s church, affectionately named “the Mighty Men”) to City Hall. Pastor Dale brought Tom Radell’s freestanding display of abortion victims. After a few minutes of ministry, the police arrived and threatened to impound the display if it wasn’t promptly removed.

The team improvised. They dismantled the display and turned the posters scenes into giant hand held signs! City Hall heard the Gospel of the Kingdom through the open air preaching and the one-on-one conversations that took place as tracts were shared. During this event thousands and thousands of tracts, brochures, and flyers were distributed throughout St. Louis.

Ante engaged one young man walking by. Alex listened as Ante shared the Gospel. After a few moments, he knelt down on the grass, repented of his sins, and confessed Jesus Christ as his Lord. He came to our rally that night, a soul transformed by the regenerating power of the Holy Ghost.

Reaching the College Students

Jason S. and Bishop Kenner led a team to St Louis University and Harris-Stowe State University. They set up signs, leafleted The campus and engaged the student body. The team spoke with a young lady. She revealed she was an agnostic. According to Bishop, much of her thinking was steeped in paganism. Because Christians were willing to witness in the public square, she heard the truth of the Gospel and she changed her mind.

HSSU is an African American campus.  A security guard stationed outside prevented the team from entering the campus.This did not stop the team from exposing Planned Parenthood’s racist origins and Margaret Sanger’s eugenics. One African American woman was so impacted by the truth she asked for material to bring on campus and share with others. A male student spoke with Bishop. He was from a Christian background but had begun to lean towards Islam. After Bishop reminded him of the Gospel and the truths found in Scripture and encouraged him in the faith, the young man responded, “You don’t know how much I needed that.”

Reaching the Neighborhood

Cal Z. and Patrick J. led a team of fifteen to the abortionist’s neighborhood. They held a banner that read “Doctor David Isenberg Kills Babies.” The awareness campaign was able to quickly disseminate literature that exposed the sin of abortion and called the abortionists to repentance. Ten minutes into the outreach, six police cars showed up. Praise God, the leafleting was finished.

The Evening Service

New Life Drama Team performed again. After their moving skit, “Say Something” there was not a dry eye in the church. Scott Heldreth of Heart for the Next Generation shared and Jason Storms preached a convicting message on the importance of family discipleship.