As Christians we need to be full orbed in our worldview. Not only should we warn against evil and fight against evil, but we need to demonstrate compassion when disaster strikes as a result of our evil reaching heaven. No one was more powerful in his denunciation of evil than Jeremiah. Yet, when God watched over His word to perform it, Jeremiah wept over the plight of His people. We should do no less.
God was good to us today. Every plan we made and goal set was fulfilled. The following are different videos and pictures that will give you an idea of the devastation and what can be done to relieve the suffering of those ill-affected by the flooding.
After shopping at Sam’s Club, we went live on Facebook
before checking out and loading the OSA trailer.
We then dropped off food and supplies in
Springfield, Louisiana with Pastor Brian Oddo
After we finished in Springfield, we went to the South Campus of Bethany in
Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Here we had a short interview in the warehouse with Zack.
Here we are after unloading the trailer at Bethany.
To finish the day, We went back to Springfield, Louisiana to help
Pastor Brian Oddo distribute food and minister to the people.
This is just a sample of the devastation that has struck the residents of Louisiana. Multiply this by tens of thousands.