Here is our national press release concerning the 44 year anniversary of the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision. If you find any merit, please pass it on in your sphere of influence. Thanks!
Roe vs. Wade and America’s Covenant with Death.
“Your covenant with death will be annulled, and your agreement with Sheol will not stand” (Isaiah 28:18).
As America approaches another year acknowledging the infamous Roe vs. Wade decision, headlines like these declare, “The U.S. abortion rate has hit its lowest point since the procedure became legal nationwide in 1973, according to a new study.” Jenna Jerman, a public health researcher at the Guttmacher Institute states, “We saw declines in abortion in almost every single state.”
What is the cause of this decline according to the “experts” of this article? They assert, “Though the study did not look at the reasons for the decline, the authors and other experts suggested that improved access to contraception played the biggest role by preventing unintended pregnancies.”
What is missing from this limited perspective? There are a myriad of reasons that suggest Roe vs. Wade is going the way of every bloody tyranny of men. First, it is important to note just because surgical abortions are down, that does not mean all abortions are down. Just like the German holocaust switched methods of mass destruction to be more efficient in their extermination programs, so it is with the American holocaust.
The Germans changed from gunning down their victims to chemical warfare. The gas chambers replaced the gun. Why this change? German soldiers were experiencing trauma in gunning down the innocent to fulfill Hitler’s “Final Solution” policy. As abortion mills continue to shut down, Americans are also turning more to the chemical solution to ease their consciences and yet continue the massacre.
Secondly, in 1991, there were 2167 free standing death camps that dotted the American landscape defiling our land. Today, there about 500 that remains. What accounts for this aspect in the battle between life and death? Simply, it has been gentle Christians living out their faith at the gates of hell, their local abortion mills. Jesus promised, “I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18).
Thirdly, the article also neglects to report that more young people are getting involved to end Roe vs. Wade that targeted their generation for destruction. This younger generation is determined not to make the same mistakes as the “pro-life movement” of the past. They are not interested in regulating abortion; they are rising up to abolish abortion NOW!
They are working with elder statesmen in the battle to spread the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates that encourages the end of abortion at the state level. They are calling on Governors, Attorney Generals, Legislators, and Sheriffs to ignore Roe vs. Wade for the lawless decision it was and do their duty to defend the rights of the preborn neighbors.
Lastly, they are introducing bills at the state level that constitutes abortion as murder with the proper penalties applied. All this signals that it is not if, but when, the American holocaust ends and our nation once again honors the first and foremost right enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, which is the right to life.