What we determine the problem to be, determines how we attempt to solve a difficulty. What we determine is the nature of the battle; helps define the strategy to win a battle. Even doctors confess that unless they correctly diagnose the source of a patient’s ailment, it does not matter what cure they prescribe. It will not be effectual in bringing healing to those who suffer from sickness and disease. In fact, the cure could prove more devastating than the cure.

Most of what is desperately wrong with our nation follows this terrible model. The world system in rebellion to our Creator who made us and the Savior who died for us comes up with traps, snares and pitfalls that exploit the depravity of man and then comes up with government programs that tax us to death to bail us out.


If we view abortion as a political/social issue, we must remember that politics is “the art of compromise.” This view of the battle has dominated for 50 years. It should not be surprising to us that the massacre continues as a result. The problem with this distorted view is we do not have the moral authority to cut deals and turn children into political footballs while political parties and “pro-life” organizations raise money and influence at the expense of babies’ lives.

Every so-called law that incrementally seeks to save some lives always ends up inadvertently strengthening the lawless decision of Roe vs. Wade. It is folly to argue and fight abortion based upon the premises of those who advocate baby murder. If we start with their first principle and extrapolate from there, we will never arrive at our desired goal, which is to welcome these babies into the world by love and protect them by law.

If you are interested in the one political solution to fight this battle, I recommend the book by a good friend of mine, Pastor Matt Trewhella, called the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. I also have our booklet available that will help as well. It is called The Offering of Cain: The Paradigm Shift to End Abortion.


If we think that increased education will solve the problem of abortion we need to think again. With the increase of technology and the view into the womb, the darkened reason that allowed for abortion was exposed to the light of reality. No longer could these babies be considered “products of conception” or a clump of cells.” Their humanity was revealed and even the abortion industry knows it. How do we know that they know? One is by their actions and the other is by their new and improved rhetoric.

First, they confess the baby is human and alive, but insist the so-called right to abortion outweighs the right to life. Secondly, they may feign ignorance, but the abortion industry after they are done doing the unspeakable to babies; they then sort through their grisly trade and sell baby parts. So, when it comes to public relations, they continue to deceive by promoting the “blob of tissue” ruse, but when it comes to making extra money off of the deaths of children, they sell their baby parts to the highest bidder, ghoulish to say the least.

Besides, we know firsthand that education alone cannot end the nightmare of this evil. We show what abortion does to babies at death camps throughout America. Parents contemplating the unspeakable against their own helpless offspring have their minds educated, and yet most still proceed to lead their children to the slaughter. Education, in and of itself, cannot set men free from sin. In fact, education apart from Christ, can lead unregenerated men to become nothing more than shrewd and cunning sinners.

Compassion and Finances

If we perceive that we can help end abortion by giving to Crisis Pregnancy Centers, which do provide Mercy Ministries, we still do not completely understand the nature of the battle. Though Mercy Ministries does provide Christian credibility through Christian charity, it is not sufficient to end the holocaust. What we need is the church to rediscover her prophetic voice to influence the moral conscience of our nation.

Think of this in terms of Christians setting up Death Camp Relief Centers to help those who just happen to escape the horrors of the German holocaust. That would be a good work indeed, but it would still be impotent to end the holocaust. No, they would have to find the courage and humility to deal with the death camp itself to set the captives free once and for all from the murderous rampage.

How then do we fight the battle? Rev. Flip Benham reveals the answer. He has stated, “Abortion will come to an end when the Church of Jesus Christ determines it will end and not one second earlier.”

Let’s look at two scriptures that will help guide the how to win the battle and end the nightmare of abortion. First, “And I also say to you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build My church, and the gates of Hades shall not prevail against it” (Matthew 16:18). Hell on earth was literally the places that sacrificed children and shed innocent blood. The high places of Tophet (Place of the drums, which drowned out the screams of babies), which is in the Valley of the Son of Hinnom where innocent babies were sacrificed was called Sheol, Hades.

The gates of hell will prevail against the Republican Party and every other institution of man, except one, which is the church of the living God! We have to stop hiring Republican mercenaries to fight a battle that only the Church can win. The death industry in America is empowered by the Satanic, ancient evils of Moloch and Baal. It is the invasion of Christ, His Kingdom, and great salvation that breaks demonic strongholds and sets the captives free.

Second, let’s look at 2 Corinthians 10:3-6. God’s Word states:

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds, casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ, and being ready to punish all disobedience when your obedience is fulfilled.

What are some of these weapons? They are the name of Jesus, prayer and fasting, praise, worship and unsheathing the Sword of the Spirit at the gates of hell. Proclaiming God’s Word is the hammer that breaks the stubborn rock of resistance. It is the fire that burns up the chaff of the Evil One (Jeremiah 23:28, 29). It is folly on the behalf of the pro-life movement to hide God, be ashamed of the name of Jesus, compromise His truth, ignore His commandments, and refuse to fight the battle the Gospel way and then expect His help and aid. Far too many have exchanged the mighty weapons of God for political strategies that deny His truth.

Matthew 7: 24-27 reveals the difference between fighting this battle with the wisdom of God or to prolong the battle though the foolishness of men. When we started in this battle, there were 2176 free standing abortion mills. Today, there are about 500 remaining still defiling our land. How was this decrease possible? It has been Gentle Christians living out their faith at the gates of hell. They will not prevail against God’s obedient church! As the church wins the battle in the heavenlies, on the streets, and in our States, eventually our government and laws will reflect the Lord’s victory in Jesus’ name!

How should we proceed to fight the battle to end the American holocaust? The salt has to come out of the shaker and the light from under the bushel (Church Buildings) to minister the Gospel of the Kingdom at these death camps till they are now more. Politically, we need to put forth bills at the state level that treat abortion as murder and demand equal justice under the law. Lastly, we must educate and call upon our state officials to understand and implement the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate. This three-fold Kingdom strategy is the HOW to fight the battle to end abortion in Jesus’ name!