“And when he comes home, he calls together his friends and neighbors, saying to them, ‘Rejoice with me, for I have found my sheep which was lost’” (Luke 15:6)
A beautiful thing happened when we were outside Planned Parenthood. It was a long, muggy morning. After a few hours of sticky ministry, two faithful local pastors who minister regularly outside Planned Parenthood shared a closing prayer. People left the sidewalks for home. The Carenet ultrasound van pulled away. We had 11 children with us. They were eager to go and cool off but we decided to stay just a few moments longer.
Before we packed up, Valiant (17) noticed a car slowing down. He flagged the woman as he called me over from another part of the driveway. When I reached her window, I noticed she had a young woman in the front seat. I asked if her daughter was pregnant. The mother, “M” explained that her daughter, “J” was mentally challenged. Although she appeared older, her mind was like that of a child.
“M” said a neighbor man had taken advantage of her disability and sexually abused her. When “M” confessed her daughter was pregnant, “J” began crying. “M” said her daughter was being pressured to have an abortion by the man who abused her and his mother.
The manipulation was working. “J” was scared. We reminded “J” that God loves her and has a different plan. We reminded her that regardless of the situation, God Word tells us babies are gifts. Babies are blessings from Him. We gave “J” an exquisite illustrated fetal development booklet, “Tiny Hands That Hold My Heart.” “M” said she was Christian.
That caused “J” to say, “I’m afraid my pastor will be mad at me.” She started to cry again. In her childlike mind, she couldn’t understand how she too was a victim. Since she was pregnant, in her mind, it must be her fault. What would her pastor think?
“M” knew there was a free ultrasound van parked in front of Planned Parenthood. She had hoped that by seeing her baby “J” would not want an abortion. Without the ultrasound van, “M” was unsure of what to do. As I dialed Carenet and handed the phone to “M,” Elaine went to the passenger window and ministered to “J.” “J” shared that the abuse happened when no one was around. Elaine continued to offer her supportive, grandmotherly love. After a few moments, “J” relaxed. Soon she was smiling.
Clasping the booklet, she gently petted a baby picture like one would pet a kitten. She told Elaine she was going to name her baby, Bella, after her favorite movie, Beauty and the Beast. “I want my baby to know she is a princess.” Elaine replied, “And you are God’s princess.”
“M” confided she was a single parent. She was clearly trying to do her best to keep her daughter safe. The family was reeling from the sexual abuse, the surprise pregnancy, and the pressure from the perpetrator’s family.
We asked where they went to church, to discern the level of support they might have. When “M” told us we were taken aback. With great joy we explained to “J” that her pastor would certainly help her. Just thirty minutes ago he had stood on the sidewalk and tried to help girls JUST LIKE HER.
Standing outside Planned Parenthood he had prayed to God to rescue babies and help women…without knowing they were going to show up needing the Lord’s help 30 minutes later.
“M” and “J” kept their appointment with Carenet. They posted the ultrasound picture on Facebook. We are happy to report Bella looks just like a princess. Please pray that the man responsible for the abuse would be brought to justice and for their “happily ever after” redemptive story.