The most memorable events of the 2017 event were establishing the Doctrines of the Lesser Magistrate and Interposition in hearts of the OSA people, the state government, the citizens of the state of Kentucky and the manifestation of the Spirit of the Lord falling on our children. Plus, the Lord granted us a major victory against the federal government’s attempts to establish a permanent “buffer zone” at the last remaining death camp in Kentucky.

On Wednesday, a door opened for Rusty and Pastor Matt Trewhella to travel to the State Capitol, Frankfort, for a press conference on the state Capitol steps. The following is the press release from that press conference and the text of the full page ad placed in the Frankfort paper.

Operation Save America Open Letter to the Civil Magistrates and Citizens of Kentucky

“Now therefore, be wise, O kings; be instructed, you judges of the earth. Serve the LORD with fear, and rejoice with trembling” (Psalms 2:10, 11).

Operation Save America will proclaim the Doctrines of the Lesser Magistrate and Interposition from the steps of the State Capitol. The state of Kentucky is in a unique position and has a rich history of reeling in the federal government’s actions when the federal government acted outside their constitutional restraints. Kentucky interposed against tyranny and said no to unjust laws. The Kentucky Resolution of 1798 stated in part “And that whensoever the general [federal] government assumes undelegated power, the acts are unauthorized, void, and of no force.”

The federal government [SCOTUS] has assumed for decades such unauthorized powers. The most egregious to our survival as a nation are the murder of innocent children in the womb and the redefining of the God-ordained institution of marriage. OSA submits to Kentucky that men should forbear, even for long painful seasons. There does come a time, however, when forbearance becomes sin and cowardice. We submit to you that the murder of innocent pre-born children should not be forborne. The perverting of marriage and a host of other evils by the federal judiciary should not be forborne. Who knows Kentucky, if you have come into the Kingdom “For Such a Time as This!”

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America’s founders understood and established a form of government known as federalism. True federalism understands that all levels of government possess lawful authority. An important aspect of federalism is that whenever one branch of government begins to play the tyrant, it is incumbent upon all other branches (whether federal, state, county, or local) to resist that branch – even if that branch is the Supreme Court!

Kentucky has a rich history in this regard. Just eleven years after the ink had dried on the U.S. Constitution, the federal government acted outside its constitutional restraints. Kentucky stood against their lawlessness. The Kentucky Resolution of 1798 stated in part: “…and that whensoever the general [federal] government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.” Kentucky interposed – Kentucky simply said “No” to unjust laws.

In our day, it has become painfully clear that the federal judiciary continues to play the tyrant. The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has consistently been the dispenser of unjust, immoral, and unconstitutional court opinions, including that preborn babies can be murdered and that a man can “marry” a man.

Tragically, governors, state attorney generals, and state legislatures have complied with these unjust and immoral opinions by hiding behind the common song of our day: “The Supreme Court has ruled – all we can do is obey.”

This mantra is a lie. It is not how our founders intended the states to respond to egregious acts of evil by the federal government. Rather they expected interposition by the states. They expected defiance. The song of their day was “Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God.”

The assertion that an opinion by the U.S. Supreme Court is “the law of the land” is repugnant to our form of government. The idea that SCOTUS is the final arbiter of what is or is not constitutional is pretend legislation. The belief that all other branches of government must bow down to the court opinions of SCOTUS is legal fiction.

Thomas Jefferson, who penned the Kentucky Resolution of 1798, responded to the false idea that the Supreme Court was the “final arbiter” of what is or is not constitutional. He stated, “The Constitution has erected no such single tribunal, knowing that to whatever hands confided, with the corruptions of time and party, its members would become despots.”

Men will forbear and so we should for even a long painful season, but there comes a point where forbearance becomes sin. There comes a point where forbearance becomes cowardice. There comes a point when men realize they no longer have the convenience of acting indifferently toward the unjust and immoral actions of their government. Our own Declaration of Independence established this truth for America.

Thus, we submit to the state of Kentucky that the lawlessness of the federal judiciary should no longer be forborne. We submit to you that the murder of the preborn should not be forborne. The perverting of marriage and a host of other evils by the federal judiciary should not be forborne.

A little known doctrine in our day that has been employed by men for thousands of years and has proven to peaceably rein in the lawless acts of government officials is the doctrine of the lesser magistrate. The doctrine simply stated is: Whenever the higher-ranking civil authority makes unjust, immoral, or constitutionally repugnant laws, policies or court opinions, the lower-ranking civil authority has both the right and the duty not to obey the superior authority, and if necessary, actively resist it.

You can learn more about interposition and the doctrine of the lesser magistrate at the website May Christ rally your hearts to righteousness and justice. May Kentucky make redemptive history. May you lead the way to protect the preborn and preserve the God-ordained institution of marriage in Jesus’ name! (2 Samuel 23:3) 1) Ignore Roe, 2) Establish Justice 3) Abolish All Abortion Now

The Spirit of God is Moving Among Our Youth

Before our national event, the Lord gave me a glimpse of His desire to move upon our young people “For Such a Time as This.” Some called me before the event desiring to step up, take more ownership for the ministry, and serve in a greater capacity. There was no peer or parental pressure for this volunteerism. It came of their own accord. Little did I know how significant this would become as we stormed the gates of hell in Louisville.

First, on Wednesday, we set up the Jumbotron and a powerful display exposing the horrors of abortion in downtown Louisville. It created no small stir. A group of local Satanists decided to show up and disrupt the witness. They brought their whistles, bugles, and large balloons to try and cover up our national sin that has brought national calamity upon our nation.

Our youth arrived just in time for the powers of darkness to manifest. Some were frightened, while other cried and trembled. Then something amazing happened. The youth began to worship God and His Spirit and glory fell upon them. All fear disappeared and our young became as lions.

The police were out in force witnessing this Mount Carmel showdown between light and darkness, the prophets of Baal and the children of the Lord. They saw older Satanists hurl blasphemous, vile, and profane insults against our children. They also saw our children on their knees weeping and praying for the souls of them who had been captured by the devil to do his evil bidding.

At one point, Coach Dave Daubenmire took the microphone and highlighted the stark contrast between the kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of God. He asked the many police who were there which faith, worldview, and philosophy of life would be best for our nation’s future? The answer was self-evident.

The Ecclesiastical Court took place next day. There was another change in the “normal” way we did things. Yes, we had the coffins symbolizing the SCOTUS decisions that sent The US down the road to destruction. The Supreme Court, playing the tyrant, removed prayer and the Bible from our schools. They stripped our public buildings of the Ten Commandments. They decriminalized the murder of innocent children and perverted the definition of marriage. This Court has repeatedly shook their fist at God and under the color of law, established lawlessness. The federal judiciary has run roughshod over the constitution and the freedoms of America’s citizens. The Ecclesiastical Court holds the Supreme Court in contempt of the Supreme Being and His court. Any human law that violates God’s law is no law at all. Divine law trumps human law. Their unjust decrees are not law and therefore are not binding upon ourselves, our nation and our children.

This year the infamous decisions were depicted by two groups of men with coffins. The first group was made up of the leaders of today and they declared each decision null and void then stepped on the coffin. The last four decisions were represented again by OSA leaders but with their sons standing with them. As each in turn stepped forward they passed the mantle to their sons and the young men read the charges and declared the decisions not binding. The mantle was passed and the young men now stood with their fathers to defend faith, freedom, and family.

On Friday, there would be two more visitations from the Lord upon our youth. The children led by Pastor Dale Sochia led the charge that morning for our Psalm 8:2 day at the death camp. They played the instruments, sang the worship, prayed, and read the Scriptures out loud. At one point, Pastor Dale had them line up to pray for the souls of the deathscorts defending the death camp. Amazingly, the deathscorts could not take it and literally turned their backs on the children. The parable was striking. Just as they had turned their backs on the children scheduled to die and were consenting to their deaths, they were turning their backs on born children. This did not go unnoticed by the powers that be.

One federal marshal guarding the “bluffer zone” softened toward the end of our children’s ministry. Pastor Dale noticed him video taping the children. As Dale approached him and the Federal Marshall commented. “What you are doing with these children is just incredible.” The comment was meant in praise not suspicion. There had been a change even in the marshals’ attitude toward us. Our children became living parables of the Lord’s love!

That afternoon the miraculous took place. We are calling it the “Louisville Baptism Revival.” One young man desired to be baptized after we stormed the gates of hell that day. We stepped into the waters and God showed up. Three hours later we left those waters as young and old ran to be baptized.
They came as individuals, brothers and sisters, men and wives, fathers and their children. God sealed them in His Spirit and brought revival, healing, and quickening to the souls who were present. We started with one and ended with 48. No shorts, towels, or any preparations. It was just a spontaneous move of God as His glory falling upon His people.

U.S. Justice Department won’t ban pro-lifers from Kentucky’s last abortion clinic

There were many legal battles to fight as OSA came to Louisville “For Such a Time as This!” First, the City Metro Council tried to set up a safety zone. We actually agreed one should be established, but it should protect the preborn from their murderers. The church in Louisville rose up and their attempt to protect the murderers from the Gospel failed. Next, the Federal Government stepped in and charged the 11 rescuers with F.A.C.E. and set up a TRO right before OSA came to town. The timing was indeed suspicious. They had two months to intervene and did nothing until we showed up. Their purpose was to make the TRO permanent, but God intervened in a profound way. To our knowledge, this is the first time the Feds stepped in to defend abortion, withdrew and stood down.

How did this take place? Picture if you will, the rescuers in federal court up against 8 US Attorneys. All we have is one local attorney helping us pro bono, Vince Heuser. They lined up and coached their witnesses to paint us as dangerous criminals and domestic terrorists, the same tired, worn out song. It seemed inevitable the federal government with its heavy hand would have their way once again. Not this time, however.

When the federal government called Anna Ahola, the manager of the death camp to the stand, everything fell apart in their case. At first, they coached her on how threatened and intimidated she felt when Rev. Thomas came in to the death camp and handed her his card as a courtesy call. He was there to let her know OSA was having their national event in Louisville and they would be ministering the Gospel of the Kingdom at her death camp and city. After the US government was through with her slanted version of the truth, our attorney cross examined her testimony.

He asked, “Is it true that you were so intimidated and threatened by Rev. Thomas that you took his card and then asked to speak with him in your lobby. She replied, “Yes.” He proceeded, “It was so dangerous a situation that you spoke with Rev. Thomas for 20 minutes and what was the nature of the conversation? How would you describe it?” She answered, “Pleasant.” Actually, the nature of the conversation was her excusing and justifying her participation in evil and Rev. Thomas, lovingly, but firmly holding her accountable to God’s Word and calling her to repentance.

Mr. Hueser continued, “In fact, you were so upset that after Rev. Thomas left you called him on the phone to speak to him again. Is that not true?” She relied in the affirmative. The true nature of that call centered on Anna’s promotion of all the good works the abortion mill did on the side. Rev. Thomas responded, “Miss Anna, I’m a Christian man and will always commend good works, but that is not the issue here. We are dealing with the evil you are committing. You claim to be a Christian and yet you work at this wicked place. Regardless of your confession, murderers do not have eternal life abiding in them. Repent and come out from amongst them.”

After the brilliant cross examination, the federal attorneys had egg on their face. They dropped the TRO. It did not turn permanent and freedom returned to the streets in Louisville to the chagrin of the death camp. It is not an if, but only a when that death camp goes the way of every other bloody, tyranny of men.

Good Kingdom fruit continues to manifest in Louisville.

Good morning! My name is JoAnn McDavitt, I’m a Christian, resident of Louisville, KY and attended last week’s OSA rallies, work M-F, but was at the deathmill on Saturday, and I hope to volunteer there every Saturday now, the Lord willing! Thank you all!

There is a brother there in Texas who befriended me this week and encouraged me and stood beside me on Saturday but after Revelation was read and everyone began to get ready to leave, I didn’t get to say goodbye to him-his first name is Ashley.

Can you all please get a message to him that I thank him so much for his encouragement and kindness, and I pray God’s blessings on him and all of you all in this fight, and I’m going to help now in Louisville, the Lord willing and with His help!

I met Brother Spurgeon, and told him I plan to join his Sovereign King church in Sellersburg, IN (not far from Louisville)! What a blessing you all have already been to me, and I hope to give back to the fight to save the babies in Louisville!

You all woke me up that abortion really is MURDER and we have to fight it like we would any murder (I knew this, but was just passive and lukewarm, had grown cold in my dead religion). Thank you all for revival!

Rescue Testimony

Back in May on the day of the OSA abortion mill rescue in Louisville, I met Eric outside of the city jail. He and his wife were going through a very difficult situation. She had given birth and had serious complications. She was placed on a respirator and the baby was in the NIC unit. When she recovered, the police arrested her and put her in jail for missing a court date even though she had been in the hospital.

That day Eric was very distraught with a baby in the NIC unit and his wife in jail. We prayed for him and shared the gospel outside of the jail. Later that week, our church put a care package together and I took it to the hospital. The baby was there but Eric had stepped out. I left the care package and this was the last I had heard of Eric.

Then this past Wednesday in the midst of our outreach in the middle of the city where we had a Jumbotron and the Satanists had come out, I was approached by a couple. At first I thought they were people from OSA. The man asked if I remembered him. He said he was Eric and began to remind me about our encounter in May. He said he saw us on the TV news and had to come down to Louisville to thank us. He said our prayers were effective in getting his wife out of the jail and his baby out of the hospital. Furthermore, he had become a believer and both he and his wife had found help for substance abuse and were now free. His mother-in-law was there to thank us too.

I was in tears then and am now as I write this. God had used the rescue to allow us to impact Eric and his wife.

People have criticized the rescue and our efforts this week. But we are still seeing fruit. I pray God will let us see more for years to come. All the church has to do is show up.

Next Stop: Indiana

OSA is planning our regional event for the fall. It looks like we are heading back to Indiana to follow up on the work that took place there during our national event in Louisville, KY. Details will be coming soon.

God help us keep our eye on the prize as we continue to sow the doctrines of Interposition and the Lesser Magistrate throughout the United States.

We will create a Facebook Event Page as soon as we shore up the vision and mission. Please begin to pray, seek the Lord about this opportunity and come join us as we seek to Ignore Roe, Establish Justice, and Abolish All Abortions in the state of Indiana in Jesus’ name!