If our friends and foes  on both sides of the battle want to know if the Lord is using our vision and mission to bring godly influence in our nation, check out this message from a brother who is running for Governor in his state. I’m keeping his identity and state from public knowledge right now, until we can vet him.


This is just sent to encourage all the OSA leaders and laborers. God is watching over His Word to perform it in the lives of others. Some of these folks may become major players of the much needed change that will Ignore Roe, Establish Justice, and Abolish All Abortion Now in Jesus’ name!


Hello All,
My name is … and I am running for governor to end abortion and homosexual marriage. I am not writing you to ask you for promotion or money, but rather prayer. I came across Brother Rusty in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P7-iYozTilY, and as he said, God is “actually looking for someone to stand in the gap!”
From that point I sought to find out information about Rusty and e-mail him. I then watched some of the videos on this page: https://operationsaveamerica.org/louisville-rescue/. I was proud of all my brothers and sisters who laid down their comfort for the unborn.
Finally, after reading most of the blog post entitled The Line Was Crossed… I read the following excerpt, “What happens if a governor of a state decides to do his duty to interpose and end all abortions from chemical to surgical in his state and the powers that be try to keep them open? That would be an incredible opportunity for the church to peaceably interpose and Rescue at the gates of hell. Let us keep our eyes on the prize and continue to advance the doctrines of interposition, on both the church and state level, and the doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate.”
I want you to know that I am that candidate that will do exactly that. In (his state) we don’t have to pass legislation to define babies as human from the point of conception because it already has been legislated. Similarly, in the (his state) constitution, marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. My point is that in (his state) all it takes is for one governor to do his job. After years of prayer, the Holy Spirit has not only led me to enter the race, but he’s also provided the finances I need without ever having to ask anyone for money. Additionally, the money I receive never comes out of my paychecks, that way I know the Lord is supernaturally providing for His will in my life.
So please pray for me, because ever since I announced my candidacy, the enemy has been going hard in the spiritual realm. Just like you, I cannot stand by any longer and allow children to be murdered while I sleep comfortably in bed at night. Thank you, brothers and sisters, for your prayers.
Finally, pray over the way the Father has called me to campaign. He has told me to forgo the traditional method and hold prayer meetings with the men of God in every county throughout my state. We are to call upon the Lord to use his hand to remove abortion and homosexual marriage. The prayer meetings are not being conducted in order that I become elected, but rather the Lord has called me to eventually unite the entire state in prayer so that the Lord can accomplish his will. Please pray continually over this subject. I’ve reached out to countless Christians across the nation for prayer and have not so much as heard back from one single person. I see that you guys are compelled to act upon your beliefs, and so I am sure that you will also pray for me. Thanks in advance!