As we are fighting for the life of our son, Jeremiah, we must not abandon the fight for the preborn. As way of reminder, here are a couple of charges from the local pastors hosting our OSA National Event in Indianapolis from July 14-21st. Please mark your calendars, rally others, and let’s storm the gates of hell together. They will not prevail against the Church of the living God!

This year, in the state of Indiana, more than 7,000 innocent babies will be slaughtered before they escape their mother’s womb. The worst part is they could have been saved if only the overwhelming Republican majority at the Indiana State House had made a priority of rescuing them. Instead, these “pro-life” legislatures, along with most of the “pro-life” organizations in Indiana lobbied against the bill that could have put an end to the bloodshed. Sadly this is no surprise when one takes time to consider Indiana’s bloodstained history as one of only a few states where abortion was legal even before Roe passed. There is much injustice to be exposed and confronted in our state. I would like to personally invite you to join us for this OSA National event, as we seek to expose darkness, confront injustice, call for repentance, and seek to institute mercy on behalf of the preborn. -Pastor Derin Stidd, Aletheia Church

Every age has its evil, and though there are many evils in our age, the evil of abortion is, perhaps, the deadliest. In our nation, during our lifetime more than 60 million children have lost their lives through the abortion holocaust. We have sacrificed these precious lives on the altar of convenience. The Pro-Life movement cannot stop it. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the only hope for all who are affected by this holocaust, and the Church of Jesus Christ is the messenger that God has ordained to bring the Gospel to this world. Come and join for a time of prayer, worship, fellowship, ministry, and training on how the Church can get involved in this battle. Let us lock arms in this effort, for the very gates of Hell do not stand a chance against Christ and His Church. -Pastor James “Kip” Farrar, Aletheia Church

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