Special shout out to Tony Tinderholt for honoring our son with a State Resolution and his commitment to follow up and abolish abortion in the state of Texas. To God be the glory!


Whereas, Jeremiah Thomas, a young man in Waco who is battling an aggressive form of bone cancer, has confronted adversity with a spirit of selfless courage that has won him the admiration of countless people; and

Whereas, the youngest son in a family of 13 children, 16 year old Jeremiah grew up with the dream of following in his father’s footsteps as a preacher; he has pursued a variety of athletic activities from an early age, and he has distinguished himself as a star football player since seventh grade, earning awards and winning a state championship as a member of a local Christian school team; along the way, he has been deeply devoted to his ministry and actively involved in both church and Bible study; and

Whereas, after going to a doctor for what he believed was a sport’s injury, Jeremiah was diagnosed with osteoblastic osteosarcoma in March 2018; forced to fight for his life, he has undergone several treatments and endured many physical complications over the past several months, while leaning more than ever on the love and support of his family and on the comfort he derives from his faith; and

Whereas, despite being weakened by his condition, Jeremiah has demonstrated a strength of character that is an inspiration to everyone around him; driven by his deep concern for those without a voice, he has dedicated himself to the campaign to end abortion, even going so far as to deliver a personal plea to the governor of Texas; he has also endeavored to be a role model for members of his own generation by calling on other young people to take a principled stand against injustice, and

Whereas, an exceptional young man, Jeremiah has shown his true mettle in the face of immense medical challenges, and he is in the thoughts and prayers of all who have been touched by his remarkable story; now therefore, be it

Resolved, that Jeremiah Thomas be honored for his extraordinary example of bravery and advocacy and that heartfelt best wishes be extended to him and his family.

Tony Tinderholt
State Representative
District 94

Brethren, I just received permission from our attorneys to release the questionnaire or what they call interrogatories that the Feds sent to me to fill out. As a result of depositions and these interrogatories, it is clear the Feds do not want to go to trial in the F.A.C.E. case they brought against 11 rescuers. They are seeking to settle out of court and work out a deal. We shall see how that all plays out.

We still have 2 more rescuers to be deposed, which is Chris Keys and myself in the case United Sates vs. Rusty Thomas et al. The dates are set for sometime in late August. We covet your prayers as we speak boldly as we should in the cause of Christ and the little ones made in His image we seek to defend and end the America holocaust.

As you go through the questions and study our answers, please take note that God’s word is being unsheathed and sent right into the belly of the beast. They think we are on trial, but it is their wicked tyranny that is on trial. They believe they will render a verdict against us when their human gavel falls, but there is another gavel that will fall and a more authoritative verdict will be rendered by the King of kings and the Lord of lords.

At that appointed time, it will be made clear for all eternity, that the United States government was the lawless one, while the rescuers were the law keepers (Mark 3:4).


1. Identify with specificity everyone who provided information used in preparing the response to these interrogatories, request for production of documents and requests for admission; and for each individual listed, state the individual’s address, telephone number, and identify each and every response for which the listed individual provided information.

ANSWER: Rusty Lee Thomas and my attorney, Vince Hueser

2. Identify with specificity the “history and persons” shared by Operation Save America and Operation Rescue, as referenced in Defendant’s response to paragraph 5 of the Complaint.

ANSWER: I became involved with Operation Rescue in the fall of 1988 and now I’m the national director of Operation Save America. As to the legal matters, I’m not fully aware of all the exact legal processes.

3. Were you arrested in Louisville, Kentucky, at or near EMW Women’s Surgical Center, on May 13, 2017?

4. ANSWER: Yes

4. Identify your intentions at or near the time you sat down in front of EMW, on May 13, 2017. In this response, specify the following:

a. Did you intend to prevent a person from receiving an abortion or abortion-related service at EMW, on May 13, 2017?

b. Did you intend to prevent a person from providing an abortion or abortion-related service at EMW, on May 13, 2017?

c. If your intentions were accomplished, identify with specificity, what was accomplished.

ANSWER: A) Not directly. B) At the front door, it was not us blocking the door, but the clinic deathscorts. We sat down in front of them. The back door was available to enter as well. C) As a result of this intervention, one life was indeed saved. To the life spared, we give God the glory. Besides that our goal was accomplished, which was to provide a Christian example of the doctrine of interposition for Gov. Bevin and to the state government of Kentucky.

Bevin’s motive to make Kentucky abortion-free is good. His actions, however, are insufficient to end the injustice and suffering of the preborn children made in the image of God. Gov. Bevin used the language of those who advocate for the murder of the preborn by treating abortion as a healthcare issue. We went to the abortion mill to remind him abortion is not a healthcare issue that can be resolved by a legal technicality. It is a crime. It is called murder and it needs to be penalized by law.

God demands justice, if the states and our nation will ever be delivered from the doctrine of blood guiltiness. Bevin and every state civil magistrate’s duty before God are to interpose and end all abortion from chemical to surgical on the state level. They need the courage of their conviction to say no to the federal government that unleashed this blood lust and hell upon our nation. They must uphold their sworn duty to protect the life, liberty, and property of Kentucky citizens, born and preborn.

The checks and balances of our federal government have disappeared for years. The states must place the constitutional chain to reapply those checks and balances back on the federal government to rein in their long train of abuses.

5. Identify whether you have been arrested at or within 50 feet of a facility that provides abortions or abortion-related services, and for each arrest, specify the date, charge, location, case number, and resolution of the arrest.

ANSWER: Too numerous to recall.

6. Describe with specificity your understanding of the Doctrine of Interposition, identify how it applies to ending abortion, and identify any actions taken at or near EMW, on May 13, 2017, which exemplified your understanding of the “Doctrine of Interposition” in Kentucky.

ANSWER: The doctrine of interposition clearly stated takes place when a tyrant, bully, or stronger entity (Federal government) targets the weak and helpless (Preborn child) for harm and a third party (Christians) stands between them to protect the victim.

Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, provided the ultimate example of interposition. He stood on the cross between mankind’s 3 fold enemy, the world, the flesh, and the devil to save those who would repent of their sin and place their faith in Christ. He died and rose again to redeem His people by His blood and transform them by the power of the Holy Spirit.

An example from American history is the interposition that took place between the Underground Railroad and the appalling practice of slavery. Christians back then interposed to rescue their black brothers and sisters oppressed by a federal government that under the color of law enslaved them. The Supreme Court and the federal judiciary played the tyrant back then and were in extreme violation of our own Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

In the 1850’s, the Wisconsin legislature and the State Supreme Court demonstrated interposition in the Joshua Glover/Sherman Booth incident. They both defied the federal government regarding slavery and the unjust Fugitive Slave Act. This included defying the U. S. Supreme Court. They stated in part, “Resolved: That this assumption of jurisdiction by the federal judiciary, in the said case, and without process, is an act of undelegated power, and therefore without authority, void, and of no force.” – The Wisconsin Legislature, 1859

The same court that violated the liberty of our black citizens yesteryear is the same court today that violates the life of American children in the womb. They were in grave error back then and the same court and all who support their unjust, immoral, and unconstitutional decision to decriminalize abortion are in grave error today.

7. Describe with specificity your understanding of what it means to rescue, in the context of ending abortion, and identify any actions taken at or near EMW, on May 13, 2017, which exemplified your understanding “rescue,” in the context of ending abortion.

ANSWER: Proverbs 24:11, 12 states, “Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who guards your life know it? Will he not repay everyone according to what they have done?”

In legal terms, the call to rescue would be exemplified by the necessity defense. A citizen is walking alongside a fence. On the other side of the fence is a pool. A child falls into the pool and is drowning. Though the sign on the fence clearly states, “No Trespassing” a higher law demands the rescue of the drowning child.

All the law and the prophets are summed up into two great commandments. We are to love God with all our hearts, mind, soul, and strength and to love our neighbor as ourselves. Our preborn neighbor is being led to slaughter. We have neighbors, parents, which are considering doing the unspeakable to their own sons and daughters. We have neighbors, abortionists, who are putting their hand to commit a brutal crime for blood money. We have other neighbors, citizens, who are calloused, indifferent, and blinded to the plight of their neighbors. We must love them all enough to tell them the Gospel truth that has the power to rescue them and set them free.

8. Describe with specificity your understanding of what it means to stand in the gap, in the context of ending abortion, and identify any actions taken at or near EMW, on May 13, 2017, which exemplified your understanding of standing in the gap, in the context of ending abortion.

ANSWER: Ezekiel 22:25-31 declares, “The conspiracy of her prophets in her midst is like a roaring lion tearing the prey; they have devoured people; they have taken treasure and precious things; they have made many widows in her midst. Her priests have violated My law and profaned My holy things; they have not distinguished between the holy and unholy, nor have they made known the difference between the unclean and the clean; and they have hidden their eyes from My Sabbaths, so that I am profaned among them. Her princes in her midst are like wolves tearing the prey, to shed blood, to destroy people, and to get dishonest gain. Her prophets plastered them with untempered mortar, seeing false visions, and divining lies for them, saying, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD,’ when the LORD had not spoken. The people of the land have used oppressions, committed robbery, and mistreated the poor and needy; and they wrongfully oppress the stranger. So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one. Therefore I have poured out My indignation on them; I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath; and I have recompensed their deeds on their own heads,” says the Lord GOD.”

The prophets, priests, princes, rulers, and the citizens of Israel all became corrupt, unjust, oppressive, and lawless. God called for someone to stand in the gap and make up the hedge to prevent His wrath from being poured out on their heads.

He doesn’t call for someone to sing about the gap, write about the gap, preach about the gap, or attempt legalese to justify the gap. No, He wants someone to actually stand in the gap between the living and the dead to perhaps give God a reason to show mercy when our abominations like child sacrifice, the shedding of innocent and parading our sin like Sodom deserve His just judgment.

Jeremiah 5:1 highlights this same Biblical principle, “Run to and fro through the streets of Jerusalem; See now and know; And seek in her open places if you can find a man, if there is anyone who executes judgment, who seeks the truth, and I will pardon her.”

Perhaps, America is not a burning ember yet due to some who have faithfully sought to live out this Biblical ethic in our nation today. And though you may consider those who do such things, criminals, at the Supreme Bar of Justice in heaven (Which we will all stand before to give an account), it has the potential to deliver our nation from evil and the divine retribution it so richly deserves.

9. Describe with specificity your understanding of what it means to make up the hedge, in the context of ending abortion, and identify any actions taken at or near EMW, on May 13, 2017, which exemplified your understanding of making up the hedge, in the context of ending abortion.

ANSWER: Same as previous answer, since Biblically, they are connected.

10. Describe with specificity your understanding of the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate, identify how it applies to ending abortion, and identify any actions taken in 2017, which exemplified your understanding of the application of the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate in Kentucky.

ANSWER: Though I have briefly touched on this in my other answers, this will be more specific. Before I do, it is necessary to set up the history why this doctrine is critical to our survival as a nation.

At our founding, our Founding Fathers gave us a Representative Republic based upon Federalism. It was the states that created the federal government with enumerated and limited powers and not the federal government that establish the states. The hierarchy of authority was We the People, the States, and last of all, the Federal Government. Rulers governed by the consent of the governed. This was a novel idea in world history. Since the Civil War and Reconstructionism, however, our government structure has been turned upside down.

Today, the hierarchy of authority is the Federal Government, the States, which have become mere provinces of Washington DC, and lastly, We the People. Due to the Supreme Court writing powers unto themselves forbidden by the Constitution and exploiting the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution, our nation has arrived at this pathetic state. This leads to the definition of the Lesser Magistrate and its vital importance to secure a future and a hope for our people.

The Lesser Magistrate Doctrine teaches that when the superior or higher ranking civil authority (Federal Government, specifically, the Supreme Court) makes immoral, unjust, and unconstitutional laws or policies, the lower or lesser ranking civil authority (Governors, State Legislators, Sheriffs, Chief of police, etc.) have both a right and duty to refuse obedience to that superior authority. If necessary, the lesser authorities may even actively resist the higher authority.

This doctrine is not new. It was even upheld by pagans in antiquity. “Use this sword against my enemies, if I give righteous commands; but if I give unrighteous commands, use it against me” (Roman Emperor Trajan). It was formalized as a Christian doctrine by the pastors in Magdeburg Germany on April 13th, 1550 AD. It is called The Magdeburg Confession.

This doctrine influenced other Reformers like John Knox from Scotland. He wrote a treatise to the Scottish Nobles to resist the tyranny of the King of England. It is called Appellation to the Nobility and Estates of Scotland. In this important historical work, Knox cited over 70 passages of Holy Scripture to prove the doctrine to be sound in Holy Writ.

Closer to home, I had the honor to serve our country with the 101st Airborne Division from 1974-1975. We were drilled to obey all lawful orders, even to the point of death if need be. Conversely, we were also drilled that we were not to obey unlawful orders for that could lead to war related atrocities. This is a part of our American DNA.

Without this understanding of the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate there is no America and we are a rouge nation that is in rebellion against England to this day. Our Founding Fathers look to the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God as justification to break ties with tyranny to become a free and independent nation. This doctrine gave us our nation and this doctrine must be applied to preserve our nation.

I highly recommend two books on these important topics. They are The Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrates and The Magdeburg Confession. They are both written by Pastor Matt Trewhella. This court will not understand our rhetoric or actions until this court comprehends the Biblical, historical and constitutional grid that motivates our vision and guides our activities.

11. Identify all forms of social media used by you, from January 1, 2017 through present, and for each site for social media identified, please identify all user profiles utilized by you on said site; the name under which your account (if applicable) was opened; the e-mail address(es) used by you in relation to said site; and specify the names of the websites, web addresses, and social media profiles utilized.

ANSWER: OSA is not a clandestine operation, but a public proclamation. OSA uses Email contacts, info@operationsaveamerica.org, our website, www.operationsaveamerica.org, Facebook Page, https://www.facebook.com/operationsaveamerica.org/, Twitter account, Username: OperationSaveAm, Instagram, operationsaveamerica. We also have a youtube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP1EGTi_MAKbd-iNRvKABlA

To my knowledge, none of these were used to promote the incident in question. I did make use of these social media venues afterwards, however, to spread our message and make a defense of our actions taken on May, 13, 2017. All the videos and teachings can be accessed at https://operationsaveamerica.org/louisville-rescue/.

12. Identify whether donations were received by you or Operation Save America, for the period of time between January 1, 2017 through the present, and identify the amount of funds donated, on a monthly basis.

ANSWER: It is important that I be upfront with this court. If you are going to use any information about income to determine how much to fine me, if found guilty, I cannot in good conscience willingly pay one red cent, if that money goes to EMW to support their grisly trade.

13. Beginning after your May 13, 2017 arrest and lasting through the present, identify with specificity any instance when you considered engaging in the following at or near EMW:

a. the Doctrine of Interposition, as you described it in your response to Interrogatory #6;
b. rescue, as you described it in your response to Interrogatory #7;
c. standing in the gap, as you described it in your response to Interrogatory #8;
d. making up the hedge, as you described it in your response to Interrogatory #9;
e. the Doctrine of the Lesser Magistrate, as you described it in your response
to Interrogatory #10; and
f. blocking a patient or provider’s ability to enter or exit EMW, in order to prevent an abortion from occurring.

ANSWER: Hopefully, my previous answers are sufficient.

14. Identify with specificity whether you would, in the future, consider engaging in actions described in Interrogatory Requests #13(a)-(f), above.

ANSWER: When it comes to abortion and sodomy our federal government defends the indefensible. It violates its God ordained authority by protecting murderers and punishing Christians who seek peaceably save innocent lives. Instead of caring for human life and not its destruction, which Thomas Jefferson taught, “was the one and only object of good government” our government calls good, evil and evil, good. It has codified evil into “law.”

In essence, the federal government is responsible for a two-fold abomination articulated in Proverbs 17:15, which states, “He who justifies the wicked, and he who condemns the just, both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.” It is the premise of these two abominations that has led this court to charge us with F.A.C.E.

The Rescue movement was powerfully used by God to shut down several death camps polluting and defiling our land. It saved thousands of lives and many in the death industry repented and came to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In fact, arguably the three most influential people used to unleash the plague of abortion upon America, Norma McCorvey, the Jane Roe of Roe vs. Wade, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, founder of NARAL, and Sandra Cano, defendant in the Doe vs. Bolton case, which “legalized” abortion till the ninth month, all repented. They came to Christ for the forgiveness of their sins and used the rest of their lives to undo the lie of abortion they started. All of them were influenced by the efforts of our ministry. Rescue produced the good fruit of repentance for our national sin that has brought national calamity.

How did our federal government respond to this righteous response to the American holocaust? It went after us with R.I.C.O., which eventually failed and then it passed F.A.C.E. This draconian “law” takes a misdemeanor charge of trespass and metes out federal penalties.

This brings up serious questions that get to the crux of the matter in answering your question. What happens when a nation abandons God? What happens to a government when it calls evil, good and good, evil and then codifies that evil into law? What happens when the Supreme Court under the color of law unleashes lawlessness upon the land? What does this look like in the real world?

This case reveals what happens. You have 10 gentle Christians who merely sat down on a sidewalk. There was no destruction of property. There was not a hint of violence and yet these 10 will appear before this court charged with a crime and can face significant penalties. Compare that to the culture of death the lawlessness that the federal judiciary has produced to savage our nation.

There has been rioting, looting, statues torn down, buildings set on fire, and cars over turned. How does this same government respond to real crimes, violence, and destruction? It stands down and no criminal is brought to justice. This is what happens when a government defends the indefensible.

So to answer, your question, your draconian F.A.C.E. “law” crushed rescue as a tactic that saved many lives, but as a witness to our culture of death it is always viable. Jesus declared, “Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends” (John 15:13).

Ultimately, there were two purposes for the “rescue” on May 13th. First, we desired to be a witness to love our neighbor as ourselves. Second, we sat down on a sidewalk to demonstrate to Gov. Bevin and the civil magistrates of Kentucky what the doctrine of interposition looks like at the church level and to use that to spur them to do their duty before God to interpose at the state level.


1. Produce all documents, which refer, reflect, relate to, support, or upon which you relied to supply your answers to your interrogatories and claims made in this action.

RESPONSE: The Bible and the teaching of the doctrines of interposition and the lesser magistrate. These are the standards that Christian men have followed down through the ages: “When the State commands us to do what God forbids or forbids us to do what God commands – we are to obey God rather than man.”

The following is our official video covering the rescue. Soon, we will find out if we remain the Lord’s freemen or become the Lord’s prisoner. Your prayers are welcomed and needed in Jesus’ name!


‘Just forgive’: Pro-life teen with cancer responds to pro-choice hate

Image: Pro-life teen Jeremiah Thomas (Image credit: OSA)

Jeremiah Thomas is 16, pro-life, and is currently battling cancer. And he is receiving scores of hate messages after he dared to call for the abolition of abortion in Texas as his final wish. Shortly after Live Action News featured Jeremiah’s story, including a video of his phone call to Texas Governor Greg Abbott, he began receiving hate messages from abortion supporters.

Jeremiah told Live Action News, “My wish was to meet with Gov. Gregg Abbott and discuss abolition…. I was just trying to talk to a person in power to persuade him. 60 million babies have been murdered. One-third of my generation…. All I wanted was for abortion to be abolished and preborn babies to be given the same rights all humans deserve.”

But then the hate began. And it is ugly.

Jeremiah’s parents, Rusty and Kendra Thomas, are pro-life activists, and they are accustomed to receiving a certain amount of vitriol. But, as parents of a sick teen, the fact that this hate is directed at Jeremiah has been particularly upsetting.

“How would you feel if someone wished your child dead? Or laughed at his suffering? Or called him ugly as he recovered from the effects of chemo and radiation?” Kendra posted recently. “How would you feel if an army of abortion supporters… flooded your child’s social media account to cyberbully him AS HE DIED?”

Kendra continued, “A meme of someone ‘pulling the plug’ on Jeremiah. A cartoon of him dying in bed. Accusations that he wanted ‘children to be abused and women to die,’ ‘international genocide’ and ‘the legal right to rape everyone.’ Threats of bodily harm.”

Image: Abortion supporters bully kid with cancer because he is pro-life

Abortion supporters bully teen with cancer because he is pro-life

Jeremiah told Live Action News, “Its kind of sickening. I pray for them…What has happened to people to make them think like that?”

Image: Abortion Tweet hates on dying pro-life teen (Image credit: Twitter)

Abortion Tweet hates on dying pro-life teen (Image credit: Twitter)

“I get more offended when they talk about my family. Most of them were personally towards me, some were towards my parents… that I was brainwashed as a kid,” he added. “No matter how far of a pit you are in, God still died on the cross for them and He still loves them.”

Image: Twitter blocks man for bullying prolife teen 2

Twitter blocks man for bullying pro-life teen


pro-life teen harassed while fighting cancer

Hate against Jeremiah (Image credit: Twitter)


pro-life teen harassed while fighting cancer

Most, but not all, of the comments have been hate-filled.

A rare comment of kindness came from the pro-abortion side, which read, “don’t agree with his view on abortion but i pray for his recovery. he deserves to live healthy.”

Image: Nice comment to dying teen who is prolife Twitter

Nice comment to dying teen who is pro-life (Image credit: Twitter)

Jeremiah’s dad called this another opportunity to show the world what Christianity looks like. “We have this opportunity to bless those who curse us…. I want you to know Jeremiah’s spirits are doing well…. He is responding as a godly young man. We couldn’t be prouder of him.”

Image: Pro-life teen Jeremiah Thomas types letter to his generation

Pro-life teen Jeremiah Thomas types letter to his generation

Jeremiah has a solid conviction about abortion and its impact on his generation. He wrote a letter to his generation, which reads in part:

We have been handed a bill of goods that has completely destroyed us. In our nation, we have chosen death and received the curse…. How bad does it have to get in order for our generation to wake up and realize that we are a long way from home?

My call to you today is to come back to the Father. Leave behind the darkness, deception and despair…. It’s time to wake up and stand against the evil in our day. There’s a battle to fight and souls to save….

“After Jeremiah announced his wish was to abolish abortion, abortion supporters were quick to wish for his death,” his mother said. “After his letter to his generation decrying a culture of death, his generation clamored for his immediate death.”

Image: Kendra and Jeremiah Thomas

Kendra and Jeremiah Thomas

But, Kendra says, “Jesus has given him a special grace to forgive. He tells his siblings, ‘Just forgive. We can’t return evil for evil.’”

Jeremiah told Live Action News that “the most awesome thing for me to see is the response from young people,” to his call. “I get hit up from kids from all states saying they are going out to the abortion clinics, acting like a Christian and loving their neighbors…. I’ve been texting a lot of kids on social media… it’s super awesome.”

Image: Pro-life teen Jeremiah ThomasPro-life teen Jeremiah Thomas

“I could never describe how thankful I am for the prayers and fundraisers to pay for my medial bills,” Jeremiah pointed out. “All over the world, people tell me… how their lives were changed.”

A home-school magazine in Texas, Texas Home School Coalition Home Educator Quarterly, has reached out to us about our family, ministry, and the plight of Jeremiah. Prayerfully, it will give us the opportunity to challenge and inspire home schoolers to not just protect their children against evil, but to go on the offense to defeat evil savaging our nation.
Question: Please tell us a little about your family.
Answer: When I got married to my first wife, Liz, I did not have God’s perspective on the importance of marriage, family, and children. As far as my theology carried me, it was marry or burn. Even though I was a Christian man in full time ministry and thought I was spiritual giant, marriage provided a major reality check. I had a lot of growing up to do in short order.
A year after we were married, God began breaking our hearts about the plight of the preborn and the Covenant of death our nation made fueling the American holocaust (Roe vs. Wade). It was there are hearts became convicted about the preciousness of children. As we began to study God’s Word, our worldview dramatically shifted.
We began to realize, even as Christians we also had adopted an anti-child mentality. Even though God called them blessings, gifts, and rewards, we were not buying what God was selling. It finally dawned on us how did we expect to defeat the Evil One who was lying and murdering the innocent, when we ourselves were marching to the same spirit of the age as the world. Sadly, we also became keenly aware that the majority of the church had similar views. They clamored for God’s blessings but believed they could do without the blessing of children.
In the Old Testament, if a woman was barren that was considered a curse, but a fruitful womb was blessed. Today, most believe quite the opposite. The barren womb is now blessed and a fruitful womb the curse. We repented of that novel idea. Afterwards, God turned on the switch of life and then broke it. We had ten children right in a row, five sons and five daughters.
On August 3rd, 2005, my first bride, Liz, went home to be with the Lord. She was 38 years old. Yet, she accomplished more in those years than most could accomplish in 3 lifetimes. Her heritage remains and continues to grow as our family presses on to the high call and prize.
To wake up a widower with 10 children to rear on the frontlines of the battle was a punch in the gut that almost knocked the life out of me. Life did not take a vacation because Liz died. The demands of our family increased, and less help was available. There was hardly any time to grieve as some of my children were still babies. Though I tried desperately to get in contact with my feminine side, to everyone’s shock, Daddy was not Mommy. Though I could possibly have remained single for the rest of my days, it was not good for my children to be without a mother.
It was there and then that I learned it is doubtless that God can greatly use a man that He has not deeply hurt. In fact, this poem by Barry McGuire became my faithful companion. McGuire wrote, “I walked a mile with pleasure and she chattered all the way. But there was nothing I learned from pleasure when we walked along the way. I walked a mile with sorrow and nothing did sorrow say, but O the things I learned, when I walked with sorrow along the way.”
My life was plowed to its core. Thankfully, I had enough spiritual maturity to not shake my fists at the heavens and get mad at God. I had learned it was vain to ask why. We prayed for her healing and He answered. The answer was not what we wanted. He said no. My first wife, as all our family, belongs to the Lord and He took her home to be with Him. Ultimately, she is far more His bride than she was ever mine.
One year later after Liz passed, God raised up another beautiful woman, Kendra, to take me on with 10 children. God truly brought beauty from ashes (Isaiah 61:3). She stepped in and God used her mightily to nurture our family back to health. She had twin daughters and that made twelve children. One year later, Kendra and I had our own daughter, Jubilee. We had her when I turned 50, so the name was appropriate. Altogether, we now have thirteen children.
We have 6 children that are married, and the grandkids are multiplying. Seven of our children have been shot out from the bow of family and church and we still have six at home to raise in the fear and admonishment of the Lord.
Question: Please provide a short description of your ministry, including the ways the Lord has been able to use Jeremiah as an active participant recently.
Answer: Here is our vision statement:
Operation Save America unashamedly takes up the cause of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only biblical principles. The Bible is our foundation; the Cross of Christ is our strategy; the repentance of the Church of Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal. As the Church changes its heart toward preborn children, God Himself will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and bring healing to our land. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only answer to the abortion holocaust. It is upon our active repentance in the streets of our cities that the Gospel is visibly lived out. We become to the church, to our city, and to our nation living parables which rightly represent God’s heart toward His helpless children.
Our ministry leads the church to the exposed areas and the sin centers where the Evil One kills, steals and destroys to lift high the name of Jesus and minister the Gospel of the Kingdom. We storm the gates of hell, knowing they will not prevail against the obedient church of the living God.
Question: How has homeschooling shaped your family life and enabled your family to do the things that are important to you?
Answer: When God changed our hearts about children, we knew our duty was to home school. From the very beginning we loved, cared, trained, instructed, disciplined, and taught our children at home. Every subject we taught was directly connected to God’s word to root and ground our children in a Biblical worldview.
For us, homeschool was not just a viable education option or issue. We also knew from God’s word, it was a jurisdictional issue as well. There is no where in God’s Word where He ordained the state to teach children. And though the church can be a supplement, it is family government that is the primary sphere most responsible when it comes to the education of our offspring (Deuteronomy 6:1-9, 32:46, 47).
What we discovered is if you do things God’s way, you get God’s results. This Biblical model of education not only allowed our family to grow and learn together, but it provided a wonderful opportunity to disciple and mentor our children at the gates of hell. We took field trips to abortion mills and other sin centers to minister the Gospel. Our children saw first hand the destructiveness of sin and the glory of God’s redemption. Homeschool allowed our children to go on the offense against evil, instead of always being on defense getting picked off by the spirit of the age.
If there is one truth, we could leave other homeschoolers in regards to the previous statements, you can homeschool unto isolation or you can homeschool unto Kingdom impact. Choose the latter.
Question: How are your life purposes–ministry, family, etc.–affected by challenging times, such as your family faces now? Phrased a little differently, we often think that challenges and opposition hinder what we’re trying to accomplish with and for the Lord, but I suspect that challenges and even opposition are no surprise to Him and may, in fact, be tools He uses to magnify our work for His glory. Could you speak to that?
Answer: When it comes to the plight of our dear son, Jeremiah, we have termed it, “The painful gift.” Our family has taken a roller coaster ride filled with great challenges, mourning, grief, deep sadness, and yet times of great rejoicing.
True to His Word, God has taken the feebleness and weakness of Jeremiah’s ailing condition and shown Himself strong (1 Corinthians 1:26-31). Jeremiah’s testimony has literally reached around the world influencing the nations for Christ and His Kingdom. Daily we receive testimonies of salvation, the backslidden coming back home to the Lord and His church, broken relationships between married couples and between parents and prodigal children restored, and more good soldiers of Jesus Christ recruited into the battle for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our beleaguered nation. My default statement for all this is, “Who is sufficient for these things?”
Through the plight of Jeremiah, God has answered all our prayers when it comes to our desire to love, serve, and obey Him in fulfilling the Great Commission in our poor fallen world. It is literally above and beyond all that we could ask or imagine. The only prayer that has not been answered fully is what the future holds for our son. To live is Christ and to die is gain (Philippians 1:21)!

Update in Jeremiah, Lead Justice to Victory, and upcoming Church Arise: Operation Save Spokane

Posted by Rusty Thomas on Thursday, July 19, 2018


We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but…

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“Cancer is giving your mom a late term abortion. lmao (laughing my ass off).”

Jeremiah, “You aren’t dead yet? God do your job!”

“See u in hell ugly.”
How would you feel if someone wished your child dead? Or laughed at his suffering? Or called him ugly as he recovered from the effects of chemo and radiation?
“He’s an absolute piece of s*** whose getting exactly what he deserves.”

His bone cancer is “natural selection doing its job.”
How would you feel if someone blamed your child for the osteoblastic osteosarcoma taking his life? Or bullied him with the taunt that he was weak and deserved his disease?
“Thank god this cancer is terminal. Don’t want someone so oppressive, sexist, and backwards thinking walking around, living, breathing my air.”
How would you feel if someone told your recently paralyzed child that he didn’t deserve to walk?

Or posted on your child’s Instagram that he was unworthy of breathing air…even as nodules fill his lungs and threaten to bring on a suffocating death that feels like drowning.

How would you feel if an army of abortion supporters, homosexuals, and social justice warriors flooded your child’s social media account to cyberbully him AS HE DIED? ????
God says “all who hate me love death” (Proverbs 8:36). Jeremiah (16) knew when he announced his dying wish was to abolish abortion there would be backlash. But it didn’t matter.

When Make-A-Wish suggested a “legacy wish” as a possibility, Jeremiah knew his deepest desire was to leave a legacy of life.

Jeremiah’s dying wish was so important to him that when the Governor called him in the hospital, he took the call even though a tumor had broken through his chest and was bleeding continually, he was receiving daily blood transfusions and plasma, and was given weeks to live. Nauseous and exhausted, Jeremiah wouldn’t let his cancer stop him from taking the call. He clutched his sick bag to his chest, wiped his mouth, and appealed to Gov. Abbott to defend the lives of babies.

When Jeremiah posted his “Letter to My Generation” he knew he was opening himself up to personal attacks. He’s seen it happen to the best men in his life. He was willing to be counted among warriors like his dad.

His heart is to minister to his generation and to reform the culture of death. His letter said in part:

“We have grown up in a culture of death, sexual confusion, immorality and fatherlessness. This culture of death I speak of consists of abortion, homosexuality and suicide. One third of our generation has been wiped out due to abortion. Over 25 million people have died as a result of AIDS. Even without AIDS, the life expectancy of a homosexual man or woman is about 33 years shorter than that of a heterosexual. More young people die from suicide than from cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, and chronic lung disease, combined.

We have been handed a bill of goods that has completely destroyed us. In our nation, we have chosen death and received the curse.”
After Jeremiah announced his wish was to abolish abortion abortion supporters were quick to wish for his death. After his letter to his generation decrying a culture of death, his generation clamored for his immediate death. ????

It wasn’t enough that a terminal illness was sapping his life. Or that his oncologists from Mclanes Children’s Hospital sent him home with weeks to live. Or that he was in the care of hospice. His generation wanted his death like they want everything.

After Live Action News shared Jeremiah’s dying wish, Twitter piranhas went “hangry.”

A meme of someone “pulling the plug” on Jeremiah. A cartoon of him dying in bed. Accusations that he wanted “children to be abused and women to die,” “international genocide” and “the legal right to rape everyone.” Threats of bodily harm.

Knowing Jeremiah  babies, some threads suggested donations should be made to Planned Parenthood in his name.

Consistent with their ideology, abortion supporters wanted Jeremiah dead because his faith was INCONVENIENT, his beliefs were UNWANTED, and his social media platform to preach against abortion was UNPLANNED.

And they were honest about wanting him dead.
“Imao. When he’s dead there’s less damage he can do to women and their psyches.”

Cancer “is what he deserves…By condemning abortion he’s saying he doesn’t care about all the women who die from not having abortions…Hope he goes quick and soon.”

When he dies “it will be one less misogynistic f*** to stand outside the clinics and harassing and judging the women seeking safe abortion.”

“I couldn’t be happier then to hear he’ll never have a chance to harass another women.”

“Cancer is about to abort you. lmao (laughing my ass off).”

“God is aborting your ass late term.”

“The universe decided to abort him instead.”

Not everyone tweeted for his death, “The kid preaches outside abortion clinics…I hope he survives so someone can kick hiss ass.”
Transgenders and supporters of the LGBTQ agenda weren’t any kinder.

Jeremiah supports “a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic, hateful” agenda, therefore “He’s garbage and is suffering as he deserves.”
Social justice warriors made sure to hate on him too.

A Bernie Sanders supporter didn’t want Jeremiah to miss her comment on his dad’s Operation Save America page so she wished him dead in the Prayers for Jeremiah group too. She took the time to review the prayer page and give it one  .

Then there was the Green Party supporter that reviewed the prayer page and made sure to bid Jeremiah, “Good riddance.”

The Democrat, communist, satanist (no, I’m not kidding) gave a one star review too, for which we were thankful. Who wants an endorsement from a satanist?
And then there was the big-boy-bully, Right Wing Watch, who made sure to mention Jeremiah on its webpage. Apparently Jeremiah’s dying wish was dangerous enough to be watched by People for the American Way, a five million dollar left-wing organization located in Washington, DC.

As a “Marxist-Socialist, Secular Buddhist, Pacifist, Humanist” explained on Twitter, Jeremiah is using his terminal illness as a “platform to push a right-wing political agenda.”
In a sense, they are right. Jeremiah isn’t wasting his cancer. He’s using it to share his faith and to save lives. In addition to his talk with the Governor (now at 500k views); he had a “hospital meeting” with Dan Fisher, gubernatorial candidate from Arkansas; a visit with Rep. Tinderholt; a story in the Daily Mirror, England’s second largest newspaper; an interview with a large anti-abortion publication in Italy; an interview with our local ABC affiliate; a radio interview with Jeff Durbin at Apologia Radio; and an abolitionist documentary film crew (thank you Josh Malone).
While the world was asking “whose the “disgusting” kid who “could have gone to Disneyland for free but…wasted [his wish]on being a horrible person” Jeremiah was busy serving God.

In between visits from hospice and CNA, Jeremiah was using the last of his energy to love his family, enjoy friends, and preach the Gospel. He was too busy serving the Lord to notice the ugliness.

But his weeping momma noticed. ????

His big brothers noticed too.

His dad noticed long enough to tell Jeremiah’s brothers not think defensive football tackles. We’re Christians and we don’t repay evil. (1 Peter 3:9). We overcome evil by doing good.

It wasn’t until he shared an innocent Instagram picture of himself eating his favorite cereal from his wheelchair that he realized his generation was hating on him.

Let’s just say, his fruit loops brought out the “fruit loops.” Cyberbullies bombarded his Instagram. They targeted him for a social media take down.

Jeremiah spent a few days deleting vile comments. He didn’t talk about it. Didn’t post anything new. Had the cyberbullies been too much for him?

Then I saw his Instagram story.

A picture of Jeremiah praying with the caption “Anyone need prayer?” He opened up his Instagram for prayer requests.

Jeremiah’s response to those who hate him is to bless them. To pray for them.

This is what he told me, “I pity them. To have that much darkness in your heart that you’d want a kid with cancer to die. Makes me wonder what happened to them in their life.
It’s a scary place to be- mentally and spiritually. I pray God would have mercy on them.”
How can a 16 year old terminal cancer patient forgive those who wish him dead?


Jeremiah can forgive others because he’s been forgiven. He knows he wasn’t the first to be bullied. Jesus was falsely accused. Beaten. Mocked. Spat on.. People didn’t just wish Jesus dead. They crucified him. They buried him in a tomb. But Jesus didn’t stay dead. He rose again on the third day and forgave his bullies.

Jeremiah also knows it doesn’t matter who you are. Whether you’re a strong, handsome state football champion (with a smile that lights up the world). Or a weak, wheelchair bound cancer victim (with a smile that still lights up the world). If you profess Christ as your Lord and Savior, you will be hated.

Jesus said, “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first” (John 15:18). For Jeremiah being hated for the right reasons isn’t bad.

“Feels good to be hated for Christ. Feels like I’m actually doing something.”


Brethren, something of significance is happening in Spokane, WA. God is moving upon His Church to no longer turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the number one evil and injustice savaging our nation.

Churches working in conjunction with Abolition Societies are planning to love their neighbor as themselves, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves, rescue those unjustly sentenced to death, and to be their brother’s keeper.

Here is the latest from brother Jake Eakin giving the call and casting the vision. Those of you from OSA that can make it, I would encourage you to come. God willing, I hope to be there, but, of course, everything hinges on how well Jeremiah Thomas is doing. Love ya and keep pressing on saints to the high call and prize in Jesus’ name!

Jake Eakin stated, “The dates for the Spokane Mission are August 11th and 12th. At least 5 Churches and dozens of Abolitionists are going to descend on Planned Parenthood and then we are going to march en mass through downtown Spokane. We’re expecting hundreds of Christians from the local Church to take part in this mission. Rusty Thomas has said he will try to make it What a blessing that would be. God is stirring His Church.”

Contact Jake for more details and spread the word.

Published on July 4th, 2018 | by Katelyn Brown

Jeremiah Thomas, Age 16: His Dying Wish to End Abortion

If you were granted one wish, what would it be?

Most teenagers can answer this question without a thought: “To visit my favorite sports player, to meet my favorite band, to embark on a dream get away…”

But what happens when a sixteen-year-old state champion football player finds out that his sports injury was a tumor dangerously close to his heart, and he has aggressive bone cancer resistant to any radiation treatment?

He is rushed to the hospital, told his ability to walk is gone, and yet he says, “Then I’ll just preach from my wheelchair.”

When contacted by the Make a Wish Foundation, an organization that arranges experiences (also known as “wishes”) to children fighting for their lives, anything a teenager could desire was accessible at his reach. But he pushed to side every wish for himself, and requested a wish for thousands:

To abolish abortion in his home state of Texas.

He asked to have a meeting arranged with Governor Gregg Abbott, where he could share his aching heart for the unborn and urge for the end of abortion in Texas.

That’s the story of Jeremiah Thomas, a young man defying low expectations and serving God in his suffering.

The Make a Wish Foundation managed to organize a call with Governor Abbott, and Jeremiah was given the opportunity to speak with him.

Confident in tone, Jeremiah knew what to say, his passion for a pro-life generation evident as he shared about his outreach and dying wish over the phone with Governor Abbott.

“For my wish, I wanted to talk with you and discuss a bill of abolition”, Jeremiah said. “A recent poll showed that 68 percent of Texans want abortion abolished, so Sir, you would be representing the demand of Texas if you passed this bill. In conclusion, with this, I want you to treat abortion like an act of murder and should be punished by law.”

Jeremiah turned on the speaker and held up his phone to the camera taping the call.

“Your wish,” Governor Abbot told Jeremiah, “is on the Republican party platform position and that’s what we’re going to be perusing this next legislative session, to outlaw abortion altogether in the state of Texas. And so your wish is granted.”

Jeremiah beamed with joy. Cancer has thrown traumatic obstacles in his path, stealing his dream to play college football and his ability to walk. Even still, God laid a burden on his doorstep and Jeremiah handled it with wisdom. He wanted to do something that left an imprint of impact—-for other people—-while he still can. And he did. What a day it will be when abortion is put to an end in Texas.

As a Gofundme page explains, “Jeremiah is an all-star, state champion. But it was his love for Jesus and the family ministry to abolish abortion that taught him to fight harder.” The page further describes Jeremiah as a “brave young man,” who has no “anger, self-pity or a woe is me attitude.”

He doesn’t know how long he has on this earth. Yet in the time he has here, he chooses to love selflessly, to walk by faith, to speak for the unspoken and to live in the light of eternity—-challenging you and I to do the same.

Will we take him up on the challenge?

“Yet if anyone suffers as a Christian, let him not be ashamed, but let him glorify God in that name.” (1 Peter 4:16)

“Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” (James 1:12)

For Further Information on Jeremiah Thomas:

Click here to learn more about Jeremiah speaking with Governor Abbott.

Click here to learn more about Jeremiah’s letter to this generation via video.

Click here to learn more about Jeremiah’s letter to this generation via blog.

Click here to learn more about Jeremiah’s story.

As America wrestles with open border vs “build the wall,” illegal immigration vs legal immigration, and keep families together or separate them, it is important to keep these Biblical truths from Scriptures in mind.

First, God was very particular on how His people treated the alien in their midst. Since Israel was delivered from statist bondage, it was their duty not to duplicate that scenario upon the alien in their midst. God’s word states, “You shall not oppress a hired servant who is poor and needy, whether one of your brethren or one of the aliens who is in your land within your gates” (Deuteronomy 24:14).

Israel was commanded by God not to repeat the oppression that was committed against them upon the alien. To that extent, Israel’s immigration policy reflected the teaching of Christ, “And just as you want men to do to you, you also do to them likewise” (Luke 6:31).

Does that mean God and Scripture supports open borders, illegal immigration, and such? Not so fast, my brethren. As with most Biblical truths, there is a divine tension that we must factor in to “rightly divide the word of truth” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Entire Old Testament books are devoted to strict immigration policies to protect Israel from neighbors bent on their annihilation. Nehemiah, Ezra, and other books speak at length at the wisdom of rebuilding broken walls, restore burned gates, and set up watchman upon the walls to protect citizens from those who intend harm.

There are some in the church who ignore these passages of Scripture to justify an open border policy. Some actually accuse others of sin if they point out the difference between illegal immigration and legal immigration. Fortunately, God’s Word does not affirm that standard of judgment.

Lastly, and this is extremely important not only for the alien in our midst but for citizens of our land, God warned if nations refused to hearken to His voice and disobeyed His commandments it would have a devastating impact as it pertains to immigration.

In the famous blessing and cursing chapter of the Bible, God warned, “The alien who is among you shall rise higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and lower” (Deuteronomy 28:43). This is not based upon any official policy of governments as it pertains to immigration. This pertains to the moral and spiritual makeup of nations.

If our sins have reached heaven, this is one of many devastating consequences that will visit our blood stained and perverted land. It is happening as I write and yet most do not factor this aspect of immigration and its impact upon nations. God is warning that if nations commit abominations, like child sacrifice and parading our sin like Sodom in His sight, the consequence is you get dispossessed as a people.

Is this happening in our midst? You be the judge. The only cure for this aspect of immigration does not come down to a policy. It comes down to a few passages of Scripture. 2 Chronicles 7:14 states, “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

Jeremiah 18:7-10 declares, “The instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to pluck up, to pull down, and to destroy it, if that nation against whom I have spoken turns from its evil, I will relent of the disaster that I thought to bring upon it. And the instant I speak concerning a nation and concerning a kingdom, to build and to plant it, if it does evil in My sight so that it does not obey My voice, then I will relent concerning the good with which I said I would benefit it.”

Lastly, Isaiah warned, “For the nation and kingdom which will not serve you (Christ and His Kingdom) shall perish, And those nations shall be utterly ruined” (Isaiah 60:12).

In light of these admonishments, it is not only important that we have a correct immigration policy, but most critical is that we repent as a people and “Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean; Put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes. Cease to do evil, Learn to do good; Seek justice, Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless, Plead for the widow” (Isaiah 1:16, 17).

To correctly resolve the immigration crisis, justice and righteousness must be restored in the gates of our land. For it is righteousness that exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people (Proverbs 14:34).

Pray for the youth of Italy as they asked these questions and Jeremiah responded.
Questions from Universitari Per la Vita
(University students for life)
1) At only sixteen you are leading a very important battle, to be the voice of the unborn and to demand the abolition of abortion in the United States. Why do you want abortion to be illegal? Where do you find the strength, in this period of serious illness, to continue to preach and to tell the truth about abortion?
Jeremiah’s Response: First, abortion violates the holy commandment of God, “Thou shall not murder.” Second, for America, it violates our national covenant enshrined in our Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Third, it brings the curse of blood guiltiness upon our land to pollute and defile our nation.
To put it simply, John 14:15 says “If you love me, obey my commandments.” Mark 12:31 says “The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” If we consider ourselves Christians, we must obey God’s commandments.
The preborn are our neighbors so we must love them like ourselves. We must see abortion abolished because it is murder and an abomination in God’s eyes. From these same verses that inform my faith, I find the strength to continue to speak the truth and life of Christ to the culture of death. These babies cannot speak for themselves. It is true love to be the voice of the preborn and defend their lives.
For more information check out my Dad’s book, Abortion Violation.
2) We saw the video published on YouTube called “Jeremiah’s Call” and we believe that the message you say here is a very powerful message. You said that our generation is fatherless and lawless, a generation who is searching for identity. What is the solution to find again an identity to our generation?
Jeremiah’s Response: In my letter, I bring up the parable of the prodigal son to illustrate our generation’s status. I use this parable to show that we must return to the Father and leave behind the darkness, deception and despair. It is time to come back home to our Heavenly Father to regain our identity through Christ our Lord and Savior.
The solution to finding our identity and blessing is written straight in the Word. 2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”
We will never know who we are or why we exist until we know our Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.
3) Your father is the national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. What is the activity of that association?
Jeremiah’s Response: Operation Rescue/ Operation Save America is multi-visional and multi-generational. This ministry stands for more than just life and it affects more than just its own generation. With my father as National Director, I have seen him successfully pass the baton to my generation by sharing the vision and mission and making sure we understand the concept of advancing the kingdom of God in our fallen world.
OSA runs to the roar knowing full well this isn’t a battle against flesh and blood but against the powers of darkness. OSA has stood against abortion, homosexuality, Islam, pro-life incrementalism and even the Church when She needed reforming or Biblical correction.
Here is the OSA vision statement:
Operation Save America unashamedly takes up the cause of preborn children in the name of Jesus Christ. We employ only biblical principles. The Bible is our foundation; the Cross of Christ is our strategy; the repentance of the Church of Jesus Christ is our ultimate goal. As the Church changes its heart toward unborn children, God Himself will hear from heaven, forgive our sin, and bring healing to our land. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only answer to the abortion holocaust. It is upon our active repentance in the streets of our cities that the Gospel is visibly lived out. We become to the church, to our city, and to our nation living parables which rightly represent God’s heart toward His helpless children.
To understand more fully the vision and mission of OSA, study this page called “Make the Pledge” campaign. There you will find the doctrines, vision, and mission to end the holocaust in America and prayerfully beyond.
4) Some days ago you spoked with the Texas’ governor Greg Abbott about your desire to see the abolition of abortion. What did the governor tell you about this point? Which acts do you want to offer to allow all children to born?
Jeremiah’s Response: The governor said, “We just had the state Republican Party convention and the one of the most important things that happens there is that the party creates a platform of policy positions and your wish is on there. We are going to pursue the outlawing of abortion all together in the state of Texas so your wish has been granted.”
This bill of abolition would establish abortion as an act of murder that would be penalized by law. It would protect the preborn at the moment of conception.
5) With an act of incredible compassion, you are using your forces, in this moment of serious illness, to help to end the greatest human rights injustice of this time: abortion. What do you want to say to the people, especially to the youths, that are following you from Italy?
Jeremiah’s Response: To the youths of Italy: Keep the faith! God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Know your history! Or history will repeat itself, and not for the better. History has shown that the nations that commit child sacrifice and parade their sin like Sodom burn themselves out. It is imperative for the survival of both of our nations that we seek God first, above all, receive His great salvation through the merits of Jesus Christ, and keep His commandments. This is the only way to secure His blessings and rewards for our future.