Special shout out to Tony Tinderholt for honoring our son with a State Resolution and his commitment to follow up and abolish abortion in the state of Texas. To God be the glory!


Whereas, Jeremiah Thomas, a young man in Waco who is battling an aggressive form of bone cancer, has confronted adversity with a spirit of selfless courage that has won him the admiration of countless people; and

Whereas, the youngest son in a family of 13 children, 16 year old Jeremiah grew up with the dream of following in his father’s footsteps as a preacher; he has pursued a variety of athletic activities from an early age, and he has distinguished himself as a star football player since seventh grade, earning awards and winning a state championship as a member of a local Christian school team; along the way, he has been deeply devoted to his ministry and actively involved in both church and Bible study; and

Whereas, after going to a doctor for what he believed was a sport’s injury, Jeremiah was diagnosed with osteoblastic osteosarcoma in March 2018; forced to fight for his life, he has undergone several treatments and endured many physical complications over the past several months, while leaning more than ever on the love and support of his family and on the comfort he derives from his faith; and

Whereas, despite being weakened by his condition, Jeremiah has demonstrated a strength of character that is an inspiration to everyone around him; driven by his deep concern for those without a voice, he has dedicated himself to the campaign to end abortion, even going so far as to deliver a personal plea to the governor of Texas; he has also endeavored to be a role model for members of his own generation by calling on other young people to take a principled stand against injustice, and

Whereas, an exceptional young man, Jeremiah has shown his true mettle in the face of immense medical challenges, and he is in the thoughts and prayers of all who have been touched by his remarkable story; now therefore, be it

Resolved, that Jeremiah Thomas be honored for his extraordinary example of bravery and advocacy and that heartfelt best wishes be extended to him and his family.

Tony Tinderholt
State Representative
District 94