Here is the interview with State Representative, Matt Shea, to help prepare the way of the Lord in Spokane, Washington for Church Arise: Operation Save Spokane.

This brother is a godly statesmen fighting the good fight on the political front. He is very much interested in making application of the vision and mission we discussed in this interview.

We plan on meeting together to follow up before going home on Monday and come up with a plan in implementation. Please keep him, the pastors, churches, abolition societies and OSA in your prayers as God’s truth marches on in Jesus’ name!

Rusty Thomas – OSA, Operation Save America

August 7, 2018Rusty ThomasAt the age of 17, Thomas joined the Army. He served as a M60-machine gunner with the 101st Airborne Division.In his early twenties, God called him to leave Hollywood where he was pursuing an acting career and to go into full-time ministry. Since that time till now, Thomas has dedicated his life to serving His King and advancing His Kingdom in the earth.Rev. Thomas has a father’s mantle and spreads a patriarchal vision to reclaim the masculine identity that has been neutered by the feminization of America. He and his wife, Kendra Thomas, home schooled thirteen children at the Thomas Nation’s University of Righteousness.Rev. Thomas spent six years as a traveling evangelist and two years as a pastor in St. Petersburg, Fl. In 1994, he became the assistant director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. He served under the leadership of Rev. Flip Benham, national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. Altogether, he has close to 40 years of experience as a full time minister, public speaker, and writer.Rev. Thomas has written two published books and a several booklets, pamphlets, skits, plays, and is currently working on a movies script called “Sheep in Wolves’ Clothing. The first book is called the Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual, Raising up Leaders a Time like this Demands. The second book is called Abortion Violation, America’s Premier National Security Issue. His latest book that has not been published yet is called “Rearing Godly Children in a Godless Age.”A classically trained actor, Rev. Thomas graduated Magna Cum Laude from Los Angeles Valley College where he also received the prestigious Honor Chancellors Award. After his official training, he started in full time ministry with New Life Drama Company, which was based in Cleveland, TN.In 1985, Rev. Thomas and his first wife, Liz, who passed away in August of 2005, started Elijah Ministries. Elijah Ministries is a teaching, preaching, and writing ministry dedicated to imparting a Biblical worldview to the Church of Jesus Christ that will provide the theological underpinnings to fulfill the “Great Commission.” The ultimate goal is to reform the Church to restore America.In 1998, Rev. Thomas established the Kingdom Leadership Institute. The vision is to identify, equip, and send forth the next generation of righteous leaders a time like this demands.In 2000, Rev. Thomas founded, built, and dedicated a unique Christian/Pro-life park to the Lord called Rachel’s Park Memorial in Waco,TX. RPM is designed to minister to post-abortive families. The name for the park comes from Jeremiah 31:15. The goal is to establish one park in every state of the union.In 2004, Rev. Thomas, along with Rev. Flip Benham and a ministry team, went on an adventure of a lifetime. They walked across America proclaiming a strong prophetic message. It marked the most arduous task in service to the Lord. The long-term mission and living parable took over six months to complete.In July, 2014, Rev. Flip Benham stepped down as national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America at OSA’s national event in New Orleans and Rev. Thomas was set in.For more information see https://operationsaveamerica.orgLike our page at Facebook/PatriotRadioUS and listen in each Tuesday and Thursday at 4:00 PST with a replay at 9:00 PST on any of these great stations!106.5 FM Spokane101.3 FM Tri-Cities/Walla Walla93.9 FM Moses Lake810 AM Wenatchee/Moses Lake930 AM Yakima630 AM Spokane1050 AM Spokane and Far Beyond

Posted by Patriot Radio on Friday, August 10, 2018