“I don’t deserve Your healing, but Lord You will always deserve my praise. Through death or life, may Your great name be lifted up and everything that is of me fall to the wayside. Oh Lord, strengthen me that I may fight the battle with a courage Satan cannot tamper with. If You take me home or leave me here to fight a little longer, may it be Your breath in my lungs and Your song on my tongue. Lord, I consecrate myself to the full advancement of the Kingdom of God! Lord, I love You and I can’t wait to see You face to face. Amen.”

Jeremiah Thomas has been in the fight of his life against cancer since March of this year. He has resolved to use this battle to glorify Christ and advance His Kingdom whether he lives or dies. He has been an incredible example and inspiration to thousands of people in the last several months.

As you can imagine, fighting this battle is taking resources his family doesn’t have. Your love, prayers, and support are greatly appreciated.

If you’ve enjoyed this song, whoever you are, then please, PLEASE stop what you are doing and donate $5 right now to help his family pay his medical bills (https://www.gofundme.com/ccu35y-help-with-financial-burdens). They are astronomical for one family, but if we as a community come around them this need can be met. You can support them at their Gofundme Page and hear more about Jeremiah’s story here: https://www.gofundme.com/ccu35y-help-with-financial-burdens

After you donate, please like and share this video so that more people hear about Jeremiah and come support his family.

This is a song I wrote to him when he was told by his doctors that he has only a couple months to live. He is living like a man who is dying, and we can all learn from his example.


When your voice is at its weakest
It can be heard around the world
When your body’s sick and dying
You can be the one who heals

When your insides won’t stop bleeding
You can still stop the crimson guilt
And rise up to defend the weak
Be strong

When your legs won’t lift you from your chair
You can walk the narrow road
When your flesh and bones are torn apart
You can mend a broken world

When your veins are full of poison
You can still cure the great disease
You can still be the remedy
Hold on, be strong

When you see the face of death
I know you will rise and live again
The deepest breath you take
Will be your last
When this flesh has finally failed you
And your heartbeats are all gone
When at last your race is won
You will be strong
You will be strong

When you lose your life
Then you will live
When you serve with every breath
Your lungs can give
When your very chest is bursting
With the power of your love
Do not fear, hold on
You are strong

When you lose your life
Then you will live
When you build the coming Kingdom
Like today will be your end
When your very chest is bursting
With the song that’s on your tongue
Do not fear, hold on
You are strong
You are strong