As Jeremiah Thomas seeks his dying wish to abolish abortion in Texas, this is what is going on behind the scenes. From the outside and through the inside, forces are converging to break the stronghold of the culture of death savaging Texas and our nation.

It is extremely important that you comprehend the nature of this video and are well able to articulate its truths. He who defines wins. Tragically, it is not been God’s Word and Commandments, a true grasp of history, or our Founding Documents that has defined the burning issue of the American holocaust.

As a result, we have been on a pro-life hamster wheel, which is big on promise, but short on delivery. We have inadvertently exchange God’s truth for failed political strategies, which has prolonged the suffering and injustice committed against the preborn. That needs to end immediately. With God’s help, we can muster the courage and resolve we need to drive child sacrifice back to hell from which it came.

This video needs to go viral and spread throughout the land. Use your influence to spread it abroad and seek to establish this in your state. The Constitutional chain must be placed back on the Federal Beast that has unleashed hell, immorality, and lawlessness upon our blood stained, perverted land. The proper checks and balance must be reapplied to rein in tyranny and restore righteousness in our country.