One of our Operation Save America leaders in Jackson, MS, Coleman Boyd, was recently arrested at the infamous Pink House, the last remaining surgical death camp in the state of MS.

There have been many battles fought through the years over a long train of abuses suffered at the hands of the Jackson Police department. They remain at the beck and call of this death camp. They provide personal security with our tax dollars on the behest of those who slay the innocent for blood money.

In God’s providential timing, this is happening right before our scheduled OSA leadership meeting in Jackson from Jan. 20th-23rd. Put your seat belts on folks, it looks like we will have an “Unwelcome Committee” waiting for us.

This is the report from our local OSA leader, Pastor Doug Lane, giving the clarion call to fellow pastors to not be intimidated, but keep storming the gates of hell. They will not prevail against the obedient church of the living God.

Please lift up the Boyd family in this situation and pray for our leadership meeting as well. Thanks!

Dear Fellow Pastors,

Wednesday, December 19, Dr. Coleman Boyd, M.D., an elder in one of our local churches, was arrested outside of Mississippi’s last abortion clinic.

Dr. Boyd was charged with simple assault. One niece and one nephew of Dr. Boyd were also charged with simple assault. The charge of simple assault does not require any physical contact and we know of none.

Since no information was given as to who filed the charges or why, we are left to “speculate.” On Thursday, November 29, 2018, I was approached by two JPD officers after they had been called to the “clinic” by clinic workers. They informed me that the abortionist, Sacheen Carr-Ellis from Massachusetts, had “felt” intimidated” by a conversation she had that morning on the side-walk in front of the clinic with the younger Boyds. They also informed me that “they” (JPD) intended to break up this “Boyd family thing.” It is my belief that the Boyds’ arrest was a result of this incident.

Dr. Boyd and his family have been coming to the clinic for years. In the past year their concern for the pre-born has intensified. Not only have they been coming to the mill more often, but they have been bringing others with them. The results have been “phenomenal.” Almost every week we are seeing abortion bound moms change their minds about aborting their children. This is a result of conversations with the Boyd children and other side walk counselors. Because of the increased number of Christians on the sidewalk, many women are not even turning into the clinic but simply driving by. We believe this is the “real” reason for their arrest.

It is obvious to us that this “attack” on Dr. Boyd is meant to scare off Christians who would dare to “speak up for those who cannot speak up for themselves” at the abortion clinic, and not only that, but to smear Dr. Boyd’s reputation and to destroy his career.

We cannot allow this “attack” to go unanswered. Therefore, I am asking that you consider joining us at Mississippi’s last abortion clinic on the mornings of Thursday, December 27 and/or Friday, December 28. We must show that Christians will not be intimidated by this abuse. The clinic is located at the corner of State St. and Fondren Place in Jackson. Dr. Boyd, family, and friends intend to be there. The clinic will be seeing abortion bound moms those two days. I plan on being there by 7:30 both days. Hope to see you there.

Pastor Doug Lane
Director, Pastors For Life MS

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