Christmas Eve Testimony:

On Christmas Eve, which is the most blessed night for the Thomas Nation out of the entire year, we gathered to feast, to share gifts, talents, and testimonies of God’s goodness in and through our family and ministry. No sooner did we begin to say goodbye and hug, our daughter Destiny, got this text.

She immediately shared it with the entire family. This is from a lady we got to prayer for a couple of months ago as she was going through a very tough time. God, once again, brought beauty from ashes. Glory to His Holy Name!

BTW, as you read this testimony keep in mind what Jeremiah shared before he passed to glory. He said, “if my suffering, pain, and death led to just one soul getting saved or one life spared from abortion, it would be all worth it to me.” We serve a God that does exceedingly, abundantly, above all we ask or think.

“Wanted to share something very personal with you. When we found I was pregnant again, there were so many emotions. Most of me was so excited and so happy… the other part was full of fear and worry… worry about my weight…fear of what people would say, especially, my mom. The fear brought great depression.

At one point, it got so bad I went to what I thought was an abortion clinic. Am I a woman of God? Very much so, but I let fear cripple me. When I walked in, they were playing Christian music and I was taken back a little with conviction… deep down I knew I couldn’t do it. I began thinking about your brother (Jeremiah), his passion and his final wish.

As they called me back, she sat me down to speak to me and gave me 2 verses. The first was Jeremiah 29:11 and the other I can’t remember the exact Scripture. I have it at home. The other Scripture was also in Jeremiah. I began to cry and to tell her that I wanted to keep the baby and wanted to be happy, regardless, of how people felt and I knew this was of God.

When we found out it was a boy, I always thought of the name Josiah since I was little. Besides, our last 3 children have J names. But the other night, I didn’t feel Josiah was the right name anymore. I believe the Lord put on my heart Jeremiah for so many reasons. Biblically, the certain verses communicated to me, and the legacy of your brother convinced me to rename my child. Our baby boy will be Jeremiah.”