This is the dear pastor who received the call and mission from Church Arise: Operation Save Spokane. Please take time to view this brief video to hear his heart and message to the church concerning the plight of the preborn.

"The Church's Call to the Unborn"

Posted by Ken Valencia Peters on Monday, December 24, 2018


We spoke recently and he has agreed, along with other pastors in the area, to head up OSA’s national campaign of doing “church plants” at the gates of hell throughout America.

It is time for pastors to reach pastors and call the salt out of the shaker, the light from under the bushel, and storm the gates of hell. They will not prevail against the obedient church of the living God. If you know of pastors, churches, and Christian leaders that might be interested in joining the church plant movement, Church Arise: Operation Save America, please contact this dear pastor in Jesus’ name!

He has agreed to come to our OSA Leadership Meeting in Jackson, MS to share on this important Kingdom mission from Jan.20th-23rd, 2019.