This is the day. Now is the time. We need all hands on deck. With all dispatch, it is time to take what God has set in motion through Jeremiah Thomas, our family, and ministry and take it to the next level.
Please take time to go to the website below, press on, view the video, sign the petition, make a donation, and then spread Jeremiah’s Wish Campaign far and wide. Contact friends, family, churches, social media, email lists, and any other venues you have to help spread the vision and mission.
A promise was made by Gov. Abbott. The foundation has been laid, and we need to be careful how we build (1 Corinthians 3:10). I know with all my heart that Jeremiah did not die in vain. His life, death, legacy, and charge to Gov. Abbott and his generation was orchestrated by the Lord. He ran his lap of the race faithfully and it’s our turn now.
Let’s make sure the world knows that Texas stands on the brink of becoming the first abortion free state in America. As this takes place, let’s press on to make sure Jeremiah’s Wish is duplicated in other states as well. Keep pressing on saints to the high call and prize in Jesus’ name and thanks for honoring our son’s legacy and defending the preborn babies in Texas!
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