Conference Registration is Still Open…

There is still time to Register for the Abolish Abortion Oklahoma Conference on February 11th-13th. Come hear from Dan Fisher, Sen. Joseph Silk, Megan Ladd, T. Russell Hunter, John Michener, Jeff Durbin, Randy Brogden, Rusty Thomas, Ken Valencia Peters, and other abolitionists leading the way in the battle against abortion today.

If you are new to the Abolitionist Movement, this conference will be incredibly informative and life changing. 

ALSO! We want you to come regardless of whether or not you are able to pay the registration fee. Those paying the registration fee are making this conference and The Rally to Support SB13 at the Capitol possible (and they will receive an official SB13 T-Shirt, pamphlets, and drop cards), but we will not turn away anyone who would like to attend this conference in full or any of the evening sessions who cannot afford to register.

We want people to come get the training they need so that they can best support and lobby for SB13 and the Abolition of Abortion.

Here is a basic schedule of the Conference in relation to the Rally at the Capitol on February 12th.

We hope to see you in Guthrie, Oklahoma on February 11th at 6pm when we kick off the 2019 Abolish Abortion Oklahoma Conference.