Getting Serious about Senate Bill 13

Interview with Abolitionist Senator Joseph Silk regarding Senate Bill 13, what it says and does, and how we are going to Free the State of Oklahoma from its participation in the American Abortion Holocaust. #SB13 #AbolishAbortionOK #FreeTheState

Posted by Free the States on Friday, December 21, 2018

We are here in Oklahoma spreading the vision and mission. Please brethren, get educated, discipled, and mentored in the just and righteous cause to end the American holocaust.

Here is the news coverage of the rally at the Oklahoma Capitol yesterday. The building shook in the presence of God as God’s people demanded their Oklahoma legislators do their duty before God, which is to outlaw abortion and penalize it by law.

Please listen to this interview with Senator Joe Silk, who is sponsoring #SB13. Each state of the union needs to flood their legislators with similar bills to drive baby murder back to hell from whence it came and deliver their state from the bloody tyranny of Roe vs. Wade.