I received this email right after the Day of Mourning gathering yesterday in Albany, NY.

God is moving on His church to reclaim her to be His instrument of justice and mercy in the battle to abolish abortion. Be encouraged saints of the living God. Aslan is on the move.

God bless you pastor Rusty!

I was astounded when I saw the box you shipped me, thinking, that’s a pretty big box to send just 20 booklets in (?). I opened it up and was humbled to see your generosity!

We held our church prayer meeting on this Day of Mourning, coming along side in spirit of the saints gathered there in Albany, NY.

I was encouraged by the turn out 6 days after I delivered the message, Marching Orders Against Moloch.


I will be distributing these books and booklets to the saints tomorrow at Sunday service.

The pastors are planning on coming together to discuss strategies and to yoke up with other fellowships already engaged in pro-life/Gospel street ministry.

I am currently reading the book The Kingdom Leadership Institute Manual.

I am going to encourage every pastor and every father in the congregation to secure their own copy – this is a MUST read for this generation!

There needs to be much prayer and weeping and preparation by the Spirit of the LORD among us, His saints, but we can no longer remain complacent, and even complicit to the sins of our nation by our silence!

Know that you and the saints of Operation Save America as well as your son’s parting testimony are bearing much fruit in the service of the LORD and for His glory!

You are in the prayers of us all!

agape, grace & peace

James Fire