Important Announcement: We have secured our major hotel for the national event. Please start booking now as to avoid future problems. There may be an overflow hotel that has suites for larger families. We should have more details coming soon. PM Jason Storms if you have need of housing.
I believe we have also secured our host church/building for our rallies etc. It is where Mercy Seat Church meets at the Zoofari Conference Center, 9715 W. Bluemound Rd. in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
We will have one rally in the afternoon outside for the Sunday Solemn Assembly and we may have off one rally night on Tuesday due to a booking conflict. We shall see.
The following is the hotel info. We set apart 75 rooms. Act now!
Brookfield, WI 53045
20150 West Bluemound Road
(262) 785-0500
(262) 785-1966
Group Name: OSA
Arrival Date: Saturday, July 13, 2019
Please make reservations prior to the cut off date May 31, 2019
The King rooms and Double Queen rooms that are $5.00 more are on the third floor with an inside corridor.
The other rooms have doors that open to the outside.
King (inside corridor)- $85.00
Double Queen (inside corridor)-$90.00
Double Queen-$85.00
Please mark your calendars, rally the youth, and make plans to come to Milwaukee, WI to Complete the Work.