The following is the prepared statement for the historic HB 896 Hearing that took place to the wee hours of this morning.
The one following is the actual statement delivered due to time restraints and the volumes of testimony (Over 8 hours worth) in favor of completely abolishing abortion in the Lone Star State. HALLELUJAH!!!
HB 896 Hearing Statement
Recently, my wife and I had the honor to meet with Gov. Abbott’s staff to express our gratitude to him for taking time from his busy schedule to reach out to our dying son and grant his dying wish, which is to abolish abortion in the state of Texas.
Gov. Abbott declared, “Your wish is on the Republican Party platform positions, and it’s what we’re going to be pursuing this next legislative session. And that is to outlaw abortion altogether in the State of Texas, and so your wish is granted.” Our son lit up like a Christmas tree at hearing this precious promise given by our Governor.
Gov. Abbott’s promise went viral and traversed the globe. National and international news agencies picked it up and our family heard from at least 35 nations on a personal level encouraged by the bravery of our son in the midst of intense suffering. Till his dying breath, he thought more of others than himself.
The bill before you, HB 896, represents the down payment, the surety of that precious promise given to our deceased son. With all that our family holds sacred, we desire to see HB 896 to become law in the state of Texas.
Not only will this ensure our son did not die in vain, not only will this affirm the integrity of Gov. Abbott’s promise, but more importantly, it will restore the true function of government to our Lone Star State, Texas. Thomas Jefferson stated, “The care of human life and not its destruction is the one and only object of good government.”
Roe vs. Wade revoked our national covenant of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness and replaced it with a covenant of death. It has produced a culture of death that has savaged our nation ever since.
In the midst of the American holocaust, and I say this to our national shame and disgrace, not one state has arisen to place the Constitutional chain on the Federal beast that has unleashed this blood lust and perversion upon our polluted and defiled land.
Nowhere in the Constitution are states called to make a suicide pact with the Supreme court, nor sit by while the Supreme Court creates malignant social transformation without Constitutional Representation. In the name of law, they unleashed lawlessness. In the name of the Constitution, they violated the Constitution. In the name of rights, they have convinced our nation to commit a grave wrong.
HB 896 is long overdue to rein in the tyranny of the Supreme Court, but, thanks be God, it is here now. I plead with you in the strongest terms possible as God
 told Joshua, “Be strong and of a good courage” and finally end this long night of wrong in the state of Texas.
The injustice and suffering committed against the preborn in Texas must end if we are to have a future and a hope. If other states can defy the Feds to murder b
abies even after they are born, then surely Texas can lead the way to tell the Feds no, when it comes to the two most important issues for our state’s survival, the defense of innocent life and preserving the God ordained institution of marriage.
Please make sure HB 896 sees the light of day and becomes law in our state. This duty is yours, the results belong to God. God bless you as you make this wise, just, and good decision and God bless Texas.
Actual Statement Delivered:
The law is not just punitive in nature, it is also a teacher. What has Roe vs. Wade taught an entire generation? If you have a problem, murder it. This gen
erations has learned this lesson very well.
It has also taught that the problem is the baby in the womb, who is made in the image of God, rather than the sexual immorality abortion enables. King David committed murder to cover his sexual sin of adultery. That public policy did not work for him and it has not worked for our nation.
Our nation has made a covenant with death, which
 has produced a culture of death savaging this generation.
HB 896 will end the holocaust in Texas. It will establish God’s justice that He demands and it will begin to cleanse our defiled state that has committed child sacrifice and the shedding of innocent blood.
I call upon this committee to fear God, rather than the Supreme Court. Do your duty. No longer carry the sword of justice in vain. Punish the evil doer as God defines evil and protect those who are good as God defines good.You must use your God given authority to protect life and stop the shedding of innocent blood.