One of the troubling responses from the testimonies given at the HB 896 hearing is from post-abortive Christian women who believe treating abortion as murder that is to be penalized by law is cruel and unusual punishment. They believe it is not Christ like to treat a woman in such a manner. We are accused of not loving the woman, but are too condemning as Christians.

This distorted view does not appear out of thin air. It has been advocated by the pro-life movement for decades. Misguided pro-lifers promote a 2 victim ideology, which not only includes the true victim, the baby, but also includes the mother. Yes, the very one who climbs on the table, hires the assassin, and pays him or her blood money to murder her child is also a victim and not a perpetrator of a crime.

This is one of the major fallacies that jealousy guards the American holocaust and ensures the carnage will continue with pro-lifer’s best intentions in tow.

What they fail to do is to have a consistent Biblical worldview that fulfills the Micah Mandate, which is to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God (Micah 6:8). The order is important in God’s economy. Justice must be served for mercy to be dispensed. This is the measure of those who seek to humble themselves before God.

The church must be consistent if our prophetic witness to end the American holocaust is to be considered credible. We cannot make truth claims like abortion is murder and then in the legal realm act like people committing the crime are victims instead of criminals. Our witness rings hollow.

This is where Christian abolitionists get accused of hatred for the sinner. Why is that? We simply desire to come into agreement with God on the nature of the crime of abortion and His demand for justice by penalizing it by law.

The state needs to do its duty under God by punishing the evildoer (Romans 13:1-4) and the church needs to do its duty by ministering the Gospel of the Kingdom to set the sinner free.

One is the ministry of justice (State) concerned about the physical welfare of men and nations and the other is the ministry of grace concerned about the spiritual welfare of men and nations.

These 2 aspects of God’s virtue, justice and mercy, are not in contradiction of each other, but in complete harmony with His character and will in the earth.

The challenge for the state is very similar. Committee Chariman, Jeff Leach, who oversees the committee that allowed the hearing for HB 896 determined the bill would have to change in order for him to vote it out of committee to get to the floor. What was the major change? There must be no civil or criminal penalties for the woman who hires a hitman to murder her baby.

Until the pro-life movement deals with that inconsistency that does not pass the Biblical truth test of God’s justice, the pro-life movement will remain an unwitting enabler rather than a capable advocate to end the suffering and injustice committed against the preborn.

Pastor Matt Trewhella explains the demonic opening that allowed this travesty of justice that inspired the murderous rampage that has defiled and polluted our land.

“Understand – the reason Roe was issued in part was precisely because Texas did NOT prosecute the mother for murder and the abortionist would only get a slap on the wrist.

This is from the Roe decision: “There are other inconsistencies between Fourteenth Amendment status and the typical abortion statute. It has already been pointed out, n. 49, supra, that, in Texas, the woman is not a principal or an accomplice with respect to an abortion upon her. If the fetus is a person, why is the woman not a principal or an accomplice? Further, the penalty for criminal abortion specified by Art. 1195 is significantly less than the maximum penalty for murder prescribed by Art. 1257 of the Texas Penal Code. If the fetus is a person, may the penalties be different?” [Endnote 54]

The Court was making clear – don’t say the preborn child is a person and abortion is murder if the woman is not culpable for prosecution.”

Until the church and the pro-life movement come into agreement with God on these self-evident truths, their motives may be well intentioned, but their worldview, faith, and the godly actions necessary to abolish abortion will be weighed in the balance and found wanting.