Brethren, we are working on a Kingdom Warehouse website called #notavictim for the abolition movement to dispel the myth of the “second victim” narrative promoted by the pro-life movement.

A possible header to describe the website would go something like this, “Calling perpetrators victims not only murders babies, it aborts justice. Time to end the “second victim” narrative of the pro-life movement.”

We’re trying to pull in testimonies that fit this statement: “I had an abortion. I was not a victim. I am a repentant murderer, redeemed by my Lord Jesus Christ.”

Guidelines for the entry:

— 200 words or less
— 12 point font
— in your own words, but with the spirit of the statement above.
— uses the phrase “not a victim”

If you or someone you know are willing to testify to these Biblical truths, please contact Kristine Harhoef at and pass on the testimonies to her. Thanks!