Made it just in time to Arizona for the Reformcon Conference to witness the sequel of Babies Are Murdered Here. It is called Babies Are Still Murdered Here and talked about the flaws of the Pro-Life Movement.
The following is one man’s testimony. Others could easily verify the potential Kingdom impact of this new film.
The righteous goal is to share, comment, and like this film for its worldwide release on Thursday, October 31st, 2019 (Reformation Day) at 8 am Phoenix time. I pray you will do your part to help it go viral.
Please pray for me as I’m get ready to deliver a message today at the conference called “Openings That Must Be Shut to End the American Holocaust.” Thanks!
A review after the premiere of #BAMH2:
“I have seen the film. No, you are not ready for this. You should prepare to see this film like you would prepare for church on Sunday, a foreign missions trip or a final exam in college. Pray, fast, study, lose sleep.
And no, I’m not exaggerating. If this film gets watched, it will change everything. Please pray with us that Goliaths fall, that the people of God repent, that lives are saved from the slaughter, and that the Church is equipped. Pray that Jesus is glorified.” – Mike Lang