My son, Josiah Thomas, and I just returned from Spokane, WA. It was just for a couple of days, but it was a fruitful time of ministry.
On Wednesday morning, we first met with state representative Matt Shea to discuss pursing the cause of abolition in the political realm and other national and international issues.
Not quite sure what the future holds in that regard, but it looks like the Lord is knitting our hearts together for future collaborations to advance God’s Kingdom in America and beyond.
We went from there to do a chapel service at the Covenant Church of Spokane school. My son and I tagged teamed and the Lord saw fit to visit the students with his presence and power. Pastor Ken Peters and his staff have done a great job discipling young people and creating an esprit de corps atmosphere amongst the student body.
We dealt with the fact that our nation has made a covenant with death that has produced a culture of death that this generation struggles against. We dealt with the thoughts of suicide, self harm, and depression that seems to plague this generation due to growing up in a culture of death. As we preached and prayed over the student body many confessed their struggles. The Lord touched many as they wept in his presence and set them free.
This time was also used to recruit some young people to become good soldiers of Jesus Christ and righteous warriors of His Kingdom to rise up and break this covenant of death and defeat the culture of death savaging their generation. We challenged them to rise up like a corporate Moses and demand the world and the Devil “Let their generation go” in Jesus’ name!
From there, they took me to a radio station to do an interview with the Church and State radio program. Here is the link to that interview . One of the truths communicated on that program came from a quote from Pastor Martin Neimoller when confined to a concentration camp for resisting Hitler’s bloody tyrannies.
Some pastors of the German church visited him while suffering in the camp. They questioned him why he was there, his commitment to the church, and the integrity of his office. He replied, ” The question is not why I’m here, but why are you not here with me?” This is extremely applicable to our day as we struggle to mobilize and activate the Church of Jesus Christ to overcome and defeat the bloody tyrannies of our day.
Right after the interview, it was off to participate with the church plant at the gates of hell, otherwise known as The Church at Planned Parenthood. Here is the brief 10 minute message as hundreds of Christians braved the frigid temperatures to stand in the gap and make up the hedge for their preborn neighbors.
We concluded the evening with preaching at the Covenant Church of Spokane with Pastor Ken Peters who sponsored our visit. My son ministered at the youth group, while I was privileged to preach in the main sanctuary. It was a fruitful time and we pray that God will watch over His word to perform it in Spokane, WA and beyond in Jesus’ name!