Are You Non-essential?
More North Carolina Christians were arrested for peaceably interceding on the behalf of the preborn yesterday. Once again, what our nation considers essential and non-essential is being exposed. Please pray for our brethren, their families, and the churches.
After further investigation, we found out that three generations of Benhams were arrested amongst the seven, Brother Flip Benham, former national director of Operation Save America, grandfather, David Benham, father, and Bailey Benham, son and grandson.
God bless them, keep them, and prosper His just and righteous cause through them. May we all follow their godly example in Jesus’ name!
Essential and Non-essential Designations
In the Old Testament, God broke up mankind as Jew and Gentile. There where other designations that divided mankind as well, such as the righteous and the wicked.
Later in the New Testament, other distinctions that divided mankind emerged. Lost and saved, believer and non-believer and most important “in Adam” or “in Christ.”
If you are enslaved by sin, your in bondage to the Adamic nature, which means, you are a sinner, walking in darkness, and are currently hell bound. If you are in Christ, you are dead to sin and alive to God. You are saved and your name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
Today, with the insanity of Covid-19, our government has decided to switch the designations that divide mankind. There are those who are now essential, abortion industry, and those who are non-essential, Christians who intervene to save lives.
This is what happens when good becomes evil and evil, good and that evil is codified into law. Are you essential my brethren? Yes, by the blood of Christ, the truth of His Word, and the Power of the Holy Spirit, you most certainly are in Jesus’ name!