“Anyone can gather facts, grab statements and twist them to tell a lie. This is what happened to my dying friend, Miss Norma McCorvey. Having only seen the Trailer of the “AKA Jane Roe” documentary, I looked up the guy who did the documentary (Nick Sweeney) and found that he is involved in some very odd stuff, like Transgender Robots and all things sexual revolution. I had no idea (even when he interviewed me).

Without knowing Christ, it would be impossible for Mr. Sweeney to understand the real Norma McCorvey and the transformation Jesus did in her life. Sweeney knew her for a few months – I knew her for more than three decades. Norma was outrageously playful. Outrageously silly. Outrageously in love with a God whose outrageous love for her knew no bounds.

No matter how deep the pit she would get herself into, she found that Jesus was deeper still. We never paid Miss Norma a penny. We certainly helped Miss Norma and Miss Connie Gonzales (her lesbian partner at the time) to get back on their feet after Jasbur Ahluwalia, the owner and abortionist at “A Choice for Women,” fired them.

They had no source of income. Many in our group would donate to help them get along. But we did this for all the abortion mill employees who quit their jobs and trusted Jesus. We would help them find work, find church homes, take care of their kids, whatever we could do for them we did. We also did this for abortion minded mothers who desperately needed help. We took care of them. This is what Christians do—we still do this today.

“AKA Jane Roe” in no way reflects the real history and miracle of faith that transformed both Miss Norma and Miss Connie. It is, unfortunately, Nick Sweeney’s attempt to rewrite history and shoehorn statements from a dying, hurting woman into his truncated and perverted view of life. I saw that he got Miss Norma on tape saying some pretty outrageous things. Again, I have not seen the full video, but that was just Norma being Norma. Those who knew her best, know this. She was, indeed, utterly unfiltered and a whole lot of fun. Yet, she could also be very fickle and hard-headed (just like me!) And she said many things that were simply not true at times, only to come back and set the record straight.

This was simply part of her maturing walk with Jesus. Yet in her dying days, this FX documentary has sought to redefine the life-changing legacy of Jesus Christ for over three decades in Norma McCorvey’s life…all with a few, flippant statements. Sad. And now she no longer can come back and set the record straight. This is simply how the media works these days – manipulate as many facts and soundbites as possible to tell a lie. Even worse, to manipulate the emotions of a sickly, dying woman to push your narrative.

My boys spoke with Miss Norma before her death…and they were just as shocked as me to see this new story. David simply said, “Dad, isn’t it convenient to release this when she’s dead, because I know Norma well enough that she’d come right back and demand these people set the record straight.” A Scripture that came to my mind after seeing these reports sums up what I believe about “AKA Jane Roe”— “You intended to harm me. But God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.” Genesis 50:20.

Here is the video put out by Flip and his sons, David and Jason Benham.

Jane Roe True Story

Here's the truth about Norma McCorvey's conversion to Christ. FX's new documentary (AKA Jane Roe) says she was "paid to convert." Outrageous! Our Dad actually was filmed by the crew, but he had no idea what their true agenda behind this was – to invalidate the power of the Gospel in such a polarizing individual's life. He was shocked when he saw the trailer.The producer of this film got Ms. Norma to say exactly what he wanted her to say and conveniently released this after her death. That's nice.You can get all the soundbites and facts you want…and then manipulate them to tell a lie. Isn't that how media works these days? Watch this quick video and then read our dad's statement about the documentary in the next post (please share!)

Posted by Benham Brothers on Wednesday, May 20, 2020