Flip Benham Baptizing Norma (Jane Roe) McCorvey

By now, most of you may have heard the controversy surrounding Norma McCorvey. The pro-abort/homosexual community has “evidence” that close to death, Norma recanted her conversion. According to them, Norma played both sides that exploited her and used them for personal gain. In other words, her testimony is a fake

I just got off the phone with brother Flip Benham who will be issuing a press release and a video to separate fact from fiction. I’ve had CNN and LA Times contact me a few times with questions. The following is my response. Pray the Lord be glorified and the truth revealed in Jesus’ name!
When Norma was converted and baptized, our ministry Operation Rescue/Operation Save America took very serious our duty before God to care for her bruised and battered soul. It is true that both sides to a certain degree exploited Norma for their own purposes. We took a different approach.
We cared more about her as a person than what she could do for the cause. We sat her down to root and ground her in the faith, so she would be prepared to face the controversy surrounding her powerful testimony.
The Scriptures warn to not lift up a novice before the time, lest they be filled with pride and fall under the commendation of the Devil. We were teaching her the way of Christ, which is, it is better to serve, than to be served. Like most humans, however, we like it the other way around and Norma was no exception.
Eventually the “Pro-life” movement began to offer her speaking engagements that would not only give her public recognition in the pro-live movement, but speaking fees as well. How much, again, I do not know. Anyway, you had us admonishing Norma to rest for now to get strengthened in the faith to be equipped to handle the battle ahead before launching into public ministry and others saying the door is wide open to have all these things right now. Norma went with the latter option and the rest they say is history.
I truly believe Norma had a genuine conversion, but other things entered in to seek to discredit her testimony and I’m sure the powers that be will take advantage of it to further their pro-abort/homosexual narrative that paints Christians as hypocrites, charlatans, and liars. Through it all, a few things I truly know, Jesus is still Lord, abortion is still a sin and crime that needs to be penalized by law, and the world will try to use this controversy to justify the evil of abortion.
Rusty Thomas, National Director, Operation Save America